Breaking News: PanFam successfully defend SH1 iHub


Art by Redline XIII

Today signified the first real battle since The Imperium deployed to Tribute. PanFam formed early to make sure that they had position in order to defend the SH1-6HP iHub timer that was due out around 06:30 on May 31. The significance of this timer should not be understated. If PanFam were to lose the SH1 iHub it would allow for The Imperium forces to attack the PanFam main staging system. More importantly the PanFam keepstar in SH1 would be under direct threat.

At 04:30 PanFam were already underway looking to gain position within the 52-JKU constellation within Tribute. Initially their focus seemed to be on the system of MSHD-4 with approx 510 PanFam in system. Their numbers were from 2 Eagle fleets, one for Pandemic Horde and one for the rest of PanFam. Elo Knight was en-route to assist PanFam in a Muninn Fleet of approx 120. There were also approx 80 Super capitals waiting on a Fortizar in D7-ZAC just off of the WH-JCA gate.

The Imperium forces were comprised of a Baltec battleship fleet, an Eagle fleet, Harpies and supporting bomber fleets. Members from Legacy Coalition would also turn up with a small fleet of Goku bombers.

Pandemic Legion would be required to do the defensive hacking whereas any alliance would be able to attack.

PanFam set up their defence very well and the system of WH-J was a key point.

At 05:40 a decision was made by The Imperium to simply force their way through into WH-J and to take the losses. The Imperium forces would come in through the system of Q-CAB2.

PanFam were setup ready to fight in WH-JCA on the Q-CAB2 gate. High Angle Weapon Dreadnoughts were set up at optimal range as were the other PanFam fleets. The Imperium sub cap fleets jumped into WH-JCA and quickly set about clearing the interdiction bubbles that were setup around the in-gate. The intention was to clear the bubbles, take the initial losses and to then setup to actually battle.

As soon as the bubbles were cleared the forces from The Imperium headed towards the D7- gate in WH-JCA. They were swiftly pursued by the PanFam forces. The main battle was about to start in earnest.

Just before 06:00 there were 1700 pilots in WH-7 . The numbers from each side were relatively even, although PanFam did have the home field advantage with capital support easily available.

Blows were traded by each side and after over an hour The Imperium started to withdraw from the system. The SH1 iHub objective was secured by PanFam very early on.

The Imperium forces withdrew with relative ease, as they did PanFam jumped in the Super fleet that they had waiting in the adjacent system of D7- in order to mop up any stragglers. By 07:30 the fighting was mainly over with both sides withdrawing to their respective home systems.

Initial reports are that The Imperium lost 87 billion to PanFam’s 51 billion. These numbers are expected to increase as battle reports and killmails settle in.

All in all this has to be considered a complete victory for PanFam. How The Imperium will respond in time is yet to be seen.

Update: Wulkans has put a video up on Youtube, showing his brave (?) journey through the PanFam fleet, looting a wreck and finding a Sabre to escape in.

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  • Chris

    Zero spin. I’m impressed. Good write up.

    Thanks for bringing the fight. Sorta sad no supers died but I’m also glad that didn’t drag on til downtime.

    May 31, 2019 at 1:46 PM
  • Aaron Kitchell

    Looks like it’s gonna be a competitive fight. Looking forward to it.

    May 31, 2019 at 2:51 PM
  • Thund3r

    i hear tenal is being invaded by DeadCo.

    May 31, 2019 at 4:10 PM