Breaking News – Leviathan down in Aridia


Just before downtime on May 1, The Culture claimed the first titan kill of the month, exploding a White Sky Leviathan in Isid, in Aridia.

Also lost were 3  Nagalfars, 2 Moros and a Nyx from White Sky, whilst The Culture lost only a single Nagalfar.

164 Billion ISK in total was lost by White Sky.

The full story is still emerging, and we will update this post as it comes in.  A video from The Culture is expected as soon as their pilots recover from the shakes.

Update: The video from TC perspective is now up

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  • Andis Calos

    As a former Aridia resident, I want to add some detail into the question: “who are white sky and aren’t they just lowsecnaya sholupen super killers?”

    90% of the players in White sky are the PvPers of Lowsecnaya Sholupen who are fed up with the bullshit of the LSH leader Alexfishka. They barely have any blue standings and are fighting an outnumbered fight against their former alliance m8s from their home in Genesis. This fighting seems to escalate more and more since they gather more and more allys around them.

    For example the dreads lost in this bait op belont to Deep Exploration Projects and Programs Corporation who are not part of White Sky, nor are they a russian alt corporation. It’s a german PvP Corp fighting with them. They are former Aridia residents who cultivated positive relations with the russian locals, after proving capable of withstanding the claws of the russian crab and left last year after Aridia became more and more a wasteland for PvP of any kind.
    There is also the qustion who’s side the second big player in Aridia will join – Infernal Octopus living in a constellation close to the Lowsecnaya home system. They usually stay out of most fights, until entities like PL/NC. or Darkness invade the region. But if they decide to join a side, they can be a force to recon with fielding dozens of capitals or call in entities as Goonswarm or Stainwagon.

    Most people won’t give a shit about that region, but there is a nice little conflict boiling up in Aridia at the moment and no newsite and especially not the reddit ppl seem to know who is who and why superhunting in Aridia looks different at the moment. More and more former Aridia residents seem to come down to the area to join the action and after more than two years of LSH domination the region is getting alive again.
    Sure, most of the PvP down there starts with a cyno and ends with counter cyno bringing in capital after capital, but Aridia has been that way for a long time. (You could call it the russian way). But when shit hits the fan, it does big time – as you can see on the battle report.

    The Titan loss might be something interesting to report, but considering how many supers were looted by 3better and his crew, the amount of ISK made by the Level 5 Agents in Kenahehab and Nalnifan and the DED drops the russians could loot in relative peace over the years, makes those two super losses almost irrelevant for the people involved.
    The sentence “already replaced” is probably quite accurate, considering the connections most of the russian superhunters build up over the years.

    May 1, 2017 at 4:15 PM
  • Mischa Gau'ss Tesla

    CCP move jump button away from bridge button :p

    May 1, 2017 at 4:35 PM
  • Rhivre

    This would make a good article.

    If you want to submit your PoV of what is going on down there, we would love to put it out.

    May 1, 2017 at 5:01 PM
  • thanks for the backstory. i agree with Rhivre, you deserve to get paid for writing this and elucidating complex relationships.

    Funny enough, i almost got ganked by WhiteSky in Sota where i found myself tackled after our citadel and safe-pos were both neglected. I was already doing the math on my losses, when a group named DEPP, (i guess the ‘former aridia residents’) bravely denied them the kill and took out their broadsword to let me dock up. (i paid reimbursement, but was just humbled by the commitment to fuck up those guys game!)

    thanks again DEPP, and i guess, screw you, WhiteSky! (totally personal, of course. you guys were mean to me 🙂

    May 3, 2017 at 2:41 PM