BREAKING NEWS: 90 Billion Destroyed in V-3YG7


A final Fortizar timer for 20:10 NEST on Nov 17 saw massive losses taken in the nearby Catch system of V-3YG7 as Triumvirate, FCON, and their allies engaged a force of Stainwagon and Goonswarm defenders. An early battle report shows approximately 90 billion ISK destroyed in the fighting so far. Imperium News will bring more complete coverageĀ as information becomes available.

UPDATE: The Catch system of V-3YG7 was the site of heavy fighting today as the Vanguard Coalition led by Triumvirate (TRI) sought to continue their assault on Volition Cult (VOLT) and Stainwagon (SW). Aided by allied forces including Fidelas Constans (FCON), the League of Unaligned Master Piloys (LUMPY), and the Darkness.-led Guardians of the Galaxy Coalition (GotG), the attacking force’s objective was a VOLT Fortizar coming out of its second reinforcement timer. A victory for TRI & co. would mean destruction of the Fortizar.

VOLT’s defense was bolstered by the Imperium, Stainwagon, 16-13, and forces from ProviBloc. While VOLT, the Imperium, Red Alliance (RA), Lowsechnaya Sholupen (LSH), Project Mayhem, and ProviBloc brought their forces into F9E, Stainwagon set up their Machariel fleet on a titan. Unfortunately, what has been reported as difficulties with the tower password left a significant portion of the Stainwagon fleet outside the protection of the shields.

Taking advantage of this vulnerability, FCON, Vanguard, and GotG opted to forego the attack on the citadel. Instead, they dropped their fleets on the Stainwagon POS, and began hammering at the split Russian forces. Immediately, the other defending forces swung into motion, with VOLT arriving first on-scene, and taking heavy losses from FCON and Vanguard’s own Machariels.

In short order (or what passes for it in 10% Time Dilation), the rest of the defensive forces piled into system and began turning the tide of battle. Guardians and Vanguard both withdrew quickly as the Imperium Proteus fleet landed on top of the FCON Machariels, leaving their allies to their fate.

At the time of this update, both zkillboard and are experiencing technical issues regarding this engagement, but early reports indicated that the ISK war may have been won by the defenders, despite heavy losses early on.

UPDATE II: An updated battle report shows the total losses standing at over 163b ISK, with the defenders winning decisively.

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