Brawl In Nalvula Claims 55b ISK


While many people had their eyes on New Eden’s annual Alliance Tournament on August 23rd, Imperium alliance Circle of Two engaged a combined Snuffed Out and Project.Mayhem fleet over a moon in the system of Nalvula. After an intense fight, Project.Mayhem and their allies managed to save their tower and deal considerable damage to Circle of Two’s fleet during the engagement.

Video of the battle from the perspective of a Snuffed Out Nestor pilot.

In terms of doctrines fielded by both sides, Circle of Two used an armor T3 cruiser fleet, supported by dreadnoughts. Project.Mayhem and Snuffed Out employed Machariels backed up by triage Archons.

The fight initially started as only Project.Mayhem fighting against Circle of Two. With a disadvantage in numbers, multiple Project.Mayhem ships fell under the concentrated fire of the Circle of Two T3’s and Dreadnoughts. As the fight continued, Snuffed Out arrived with additional Machariels to support Project.Mayhem. As the high damage from Snuffed Out and Project. Mayhem’s Machariels were able to focus through the Dreadnoughts of Circle of Two, the tide began to turn.

Circle of Two was not yet out of fight however, and continued to use their dreadnoughts to bash through the triage remote reps of Project.Mayhem. Project.Mayhem then brought in two of their Nyx supercarriers which began to put serious damage onto Circle of Two’s dread fleet, as Project.Mayhem and Snuffed Out tried to clear Circle of Two’s Dreadnoughts as fast as possible.

Once a majority of the Dreadnoughts were forced from the field, the triage reps of Project.Mayhem began to hold, and Circle of Two withdrew from the field. The damages from both sides reached a total of 55.6 Billion with Circle of Two inflicting 19.59 Billion in damages while Project.Mayhem and Snuffed Out inflicted 29 Billion in return.

This conflict is part of a series of engagements throughout northern lowsec as Project.Mayhem and Circle of Two contest each other’s high value moons.

As of the time of publishing, Tau AD, a representative of Project.Mayhem, has commented on the fight.

Tau AD:

Co2 rfed our empty tower in Nalvula. We formed battleships with carriers and called snuffs as our backup. We had 60 members.and snuffs also 60. Co2 has 100+ on t3 with guards and dreads. In few minutes when fight started co2 dropped their dreads. We started to lose our bs and carriers. We started to focus on dreads with snuffs. When we killed all dreads on field we start to hold their dmg. We killed few t3 to co2 and they leave the fight.

Circle of Two has also been asked for comment, and TMC will update the article with their perspective when it is available.

This article originally appeared on, written by Sven Tekitsu.

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