Brawl In Dour Claims 120+ Billion


In Placid on August 30, 2015 at 19:40 EVE in Dour, Snuffed OutCruis3r’s Cr3w, and Psychotic Tendencies engaged Shadow Cartel and Dead Terrorists over an R64 moon. The tower and the overall ISK war were both won by Shadow Cartel and their Allies in Dead Terrorists. At least 111 ships were destroyed in the engagement.

Shadow Cartel – Massive Dour Fight | Dual Box Deluxe

Perspective of a Shadow Cartel pilot

In terms of fleet compositions, Snuffed Out, Psychotic Tendencies, and Cruis3rs Cr3w used Megathron Navy Issues and dreadnoughts, while Shadow Cartel and Dead Terrorists used a combination of Megathron Navy Issues and Machariels. Additionally, Pandemic Legion also made an appearance once the fight had started, third partying against both sides with a fleet of armor Tech III cruisers.

The fight began quietly at about 18:40, with Shadow Cartel mobilizing two shield carriers to rapidly repair their POS while both sides were still in the process of forming. Shadow Cartel then entered into Dour with their whole fleet, and began waiting for Snuffed Out to cyno in.

Shortly after, Snuffed Out brought in their entire fleet 223KM off of the Shadow Cartel POS, and Shadow Cartel quickly landed on top of them, catching the Snuffed Out fleet in the midst of its bridge. At this point, both sides began to lose battleships in a close-range brawl as Megathron Navy Issues took the brunt of both sides fire.

In an attempt to begin holding reps and to maintain their damage, Snuffed Out and their allies jumped in a group of triage Archons and dreadnoughts. Shadow Cartel and Dead Terrorists reacted quickly, dumping heavy neuts and damage into the dreadnoughts in an effort to force them from the field.

With both sides heavily engaged, Pandemic Legion suddenly appeared with a Tech III cruiser fleet, and jumped into the brawl, bringing another DPS-heavy fleet into what was already a meat grinder. Pandemic Legion found themselves fighting against both sides, and after taking some losses of their own, withdrew from the field.

From here, Snuffed Out and their allies gained a momentary advantage, as their remaining triage had been mostly ignored while Pandemic Legion had been on grid. For a small period, Snuffed Out was able to hold reps, until Shadow Cartel resumed their focus on the capitals again. With the number of carriers and dreadnoughts continuing to decline, Snuffed Out and their allies withdrew from the field to regroup.

The fight was not yet over however, with both sides entering into a stare down at one of the local stations. In an attempt to move the fight back to the tower, Snuffed Out dropped 3-5 dreadnoughts onto the POS, and the fight resumed. In the rush back to the tower, Snuffed Out and their allies landed out of rep range of their dreads, giving Shadow Cartel and Dead Terrorists a momentary advantage. The fight continued as it had before, with the addition of more triage on the side of Snuffed Out and their allies.

As the fight progressed, Snuffed Out and Psychotic Tendencies escalated to 26 Supercarriers, in an attempt to use the great damage of their fighters to give them a powerful advantage as the fight began to slant more and more in Shadow cartel and Dead Terrorists direction. The gambit worked, and Shadow Cartel and Dead Terrorists withdrew into their POS.

While Snuffed Out then held the grid, they lacked the damage to actually finish the tower, and both sides withdrew back to their staging systems, and Shadow Cartel’s shield carriers took the opportunity to repair the POS back into operation.

In terms of ISK damages, the total butchers bill for this engagement stands at 120 billion, with Snuffed Out and their allies inflicting 41.31 billion in damages to Shadow Cartel and Dead Terrorists while suffering 66.53 billion in return. Notable kills included the Vindicator of sabastyian, which was fitted with an ALOD-worthy amount of Officer Modules.

This conflict is part of a series of engagements in Placid, Verge Vendor, and Essence, as Snuffed Out attempts to conquer the money moons and other valuable infrastructure from Shadow Cartel. Other battles in this campaign include the fight for Barleguet, and Costolle.

TMC has reached out to W0wbagger and D0nnieDark0 for comment via evemail and will update this article with their responses.

This article originally appeared on, written by Sven Tekitsu.

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