Black Legion. versus HERO Capital Brawl in MN5N-X


In Fountain on May 30 at roughly 02:22 EVE time in MN5N-X, Black Legion. engaged the HERO Coalition over trapped capital ships that were reinforcing a POS. Black Legion. inflicted huge ISK losses on HERO by dropping a supercapital fleet and destroying almost the entire HERO capital fleet on-grid. On the upside for HERO, the POS was not reinforced.

Black Legion. used a fleet of Tengus supported by Basilisks in addition to their armor supercarrier fleet, while HERO used their signature Eagle/Tengu/Scimitar doctrine, Moas, a bomber wing, and an armor capital fleet with help from Hard Knocks Inc Ishtars. The HERO force was led by FC NegativeLight Light. Black Legion. lost 29.18 billion ISK but inflicted 53.51 billion ISK of damages on HERO.

Notable kills include the entirety of both capital fleets (not including Black Legion. supercapitals) save for one dreadnought each in addition to many, many Tengus and nearly sixty HERO interdictors. In addition, HERO FC NegativeLight Light grabbed the wrong Tengu as his FC ship, leading to this hilarious kill.

It is reported that the one shield supercarrier fielded by Black Legion., the Hel piloted by SOE FireElf, was nearly destroyed, but made it out in low shields, much to the disappointment of HERO.

This battle is part of an ongoing conflict in Fountain with the ‘Fountain Core’ alliances and Black Legion. fighting HERO over the many R64 moons in the region.

As told by DogofwaRR on the /r/bravenewbies subreddit, the official Black Legion. comment reads “Fuck off.” (source)

TMC has reached out to Raknor Bile and Elo Knight of Black Legion. and NegativeLight Light of HERO. The article will be updated when and if responses are received.

Update: According to Raknor Bile, an FC in BL, the attack was intended to draw out a HERO response. Most of the BL capital fleet managed to retreat after achieving their objective rather than being destroyed, as was originally reported.

Update II: A video of the conflict has been posted to YouTube:

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