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Whether you’ve been participating in the brief closed beta, are waiting for it to hit the live servers or are just curious about the changes happening in Elite: Dangerous, you should watch this video.

Friend of the site Scott Manley has given an excellent overview of the main features in PowerPlay – Elite: Dangerous’ 1.3 update. Two new ships – the Imperial Courier and Lakon Diamondback – have been added, and look to be excellent options for people interested in mid-sized ships. Players with an interest in mining (or piracy) will also appreciate the addition of collector drones, which will quickly scoop up any rock fragments or stray cargo containers.

Scott also gives a quick look at the main feature of PowerPlay: the galactic powers themselves. While a truly in-depth look at the mechanics is outside the scope of the video (and the week-long closed beta), it does give an idea of the kind of rewards you can expect from pledging allegiance to a faction.

In addition to a bonus on earnings within their space, factions will also offer unique pieces of equipment after four weeks of loyalty. Frontier has also responded to the public reaction about equipment resale penalties, and may not include it in the public release of PowerPlay, which is expected to be released some time next week. In the meantime, interested players who have bought the game through the Frontier store can link their accounts to Steam.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Ryan Vincent.

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