So, this happened.

I… I don’t know what to say. This game seems silly and pointless now. What has happened? Are there no more worlds left to conquer? I guess I could ramble on about the stacking penalties for all those Mining Laser Upgrades, but come on. It’s a fucking mining titan. My faith in humanity has rarely been lower.

Why PVP? Why log in? In a world with a mining Titan killmail, why breathe? EVE is done. I will never top this. You will never top this.

The pilot has a somewhat chequered history, you may be interested to know. Acwron accepted The Mittani as a ‘neutral third party’ in a supercap sale. His reaction to the scam (by superstar Kharthis Jian) was not exactly flattering. Speaking of Mittens, Acwron called for the GSF leader’s permaban earlier this year. I suspect that Nyx he traded away might have helped motivate him.

Some details:

“Story of the kill since i know the dude who killed the titan (lit cyno) and the titan pilot.

Acwron was using the titan to tank the mining anomaly and mine at the same time, while talking with The Scanner (dude who lit cyno) on my corp TS. Scanner was a member of my corp and he spent his first days eve eve salvaging after the titan in PB cause Acwron let him. Tonight they were both on the same ts, talking and Acwron din’t took him as a threat since he was on ts and knew him.

Mistakes were made -1 titan.”

I’m sorry, but that’s no excuse. There is no excuse to stick mining lasers on your titan. (Mine in a dreadnaught like a civilized person.) This guy’s ex-Vera Cruz, incidentally, they of the ratting Ragnarok. And look! He regularly did sanctums with the damn thing! What a sap.

Anyways, all future PVP is futile and empty. Congrats to NCdot!
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