8 Billion Jackdaw Down to Amarr Duellist


Early this morning a highsec duellist was plying his trade in Amarr and spotted another Jackdaw who he challenged to a duel. The fight took over five minutes and was close, calling for a lot of overheating but he eventually prevailed, the killmail shows why it was such a hard fight.

Pyfa gives this fit 82 – 85% resists across the board with an active tank of 233 dps and 280 dps with Mjolnir rage, it also shows plenty of fitting spare and the officer PDS in the lows is a complete mystery to me.

Congratulations to SergiusVictor who had this to say:

TMC > can I ask you a few questions for an article?
SergiusVictor > yes)) nice ))
TMC > cool, can you describe what happened?
SergiusVictor > I love duel … wanted to try a new ship … I saw the same in the undocking … called on the duel … The fight was about 5 minutes … in the end to overheat I killed him )))
TMC > Nice job
TMC > and can I ask how your ship was fitted?
SergiusVictor > No, my fitt will remain secret until ))
TMC > Aha ok secret fit:)
TMC > anything else you would like to add?
SergiusVictor > No, my English is bad … I find it hard to tell)) … but the fight was interesting, difficult … I am very satisfied
TMC > Im sure, ok thanks for the info and congratulations again!
SergiusVictor > oh yeah))) I still managed to grab his capsule but he did not kill …
TMC > You didn’t kill it?
TMC > Why not?
SergiusVictor > He was defenseless, and I did not))) though wondering what was inside
TMC > Thats very good of you

Olivieros was pretty chilled about the whole thing:

TMC > Dude props for flying that !
olivieros > no risk, no reward
TMC > Can I ask why you used the officer mod in the lows though?
olivieros > in that case, well……
olivieros > im still trying out stuff
olivieros > LML or rockets
TMC > I mean it had loads of fitting to spare and those are not cheap:)
olivieros > no there not, but I knew i that before the duel. so I committed
olivieros > I thank the chance i took
olivieros > so now I know better, and can evolve
olivieros > ISK comes and goes but skill that stays
TMC > ok mate well good luck and fly fast
olivieros > stay, safe
TMC > hey one more question
TMC  > the guy said he caught your pod but didn’t kill it
TMC > is that true
olivieros > he could of yeah
olivieros > so I am gratefull
TMC > that’s rare, can I ask what was in it?
olivieros > Pilots Honour
olivieros > thats what I say

It appears we have a purist on our hands, Sergius had a pod scrammed (which from the fit of the ship would probably have been worth quite a lot) but chose not to kill it as there was no challenge involved. Most pilots would have popped or ransomed it, so much respect to the guy, he is definitely worthy of the title duellist.


This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Johnny Twelvebore.

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