120.6B ISK Chremoas down in Amamake



The Chremoas is the Angel Cartel’s version of a covert ops combat ship. It was the second place prize for the Alliance Tournament XI. The first Chremoas to fall was destroyed on October 11, 2013 and since then, only seven have been destroyed, ranging from 120B ISK to 130B ISK in value.

On February 5 at 03:16, Knerf of Northern Coalition lost his Chremoas in the Heimatar system of Amamake. The faction and deadspace module-fit AT ship, worth nearly 121B ISK, was destroyed by Missy Lorelai of Together We Solo.


TMC reached out to Knerf to get comment on the lost ship.

TMC: Thank you for your time, Knerf. I understand this may be a short story, but could you tell us what happened?

Knerf: Basically our CEO, White Aero, wanted to go on an AT ship roam for his early birthday present. So a few of us bought a handful of Cremoas. Well, I jumped the gun and got anxious with the ship and took it out a few times.

TMC: And that was when you lost it?

K: Thursday afternoon, my girlfriend and I decided to get wasted at the Houston Zoo. Mistakes were made with a spider monkey and I got my hand bit. Anyway, I came home still drunk and decided to take the ship out. I roamed around Huola for a bit–nothing to engage. Then I decided to go to Amamake where someone is always willing to fight. I jumped through with bonuses and scanned a Hawk alone in the small complex. Jumping the Chremoas in, I thought ‘I think I can take a Hawk’, which is a bad thought to begin with.

TMC: Well, you probably could have taken him. What went wrong when you went it?

K: So I took the gate, saw the Hawk and pre-overheated the MWD. It gotĀ half cycle before my scrams and dual webs landed. Then I see two Kirins decloak. I overheated the AB and began blasting with everything I could, but only shot him to half shields before his logi repped him back up. After that it was over. I was at 80% shields, overheating everything I could, but ended up dying.

TMC: Its sad to see you lose it, but it is quite impressive that you were willing to go out in such an expensive ship.

K: Yea. I just bought another one today. Even got it cheaper than I got the first one. This is all a game. I have learned this over my time in EVE.

TMC: Awesome! Hope to see you out killing again. Thanks again for your time!

UPDATE: TMC has received the following comment from Missy Lorelai:

“I’ll Plead the 5th on the details, but I can tell you that I lost point on the chremoas for about 7 seconds during his initial attempt to engage his kite/escape; he was dual webbed throughout and I was able to get back on top of him with scram before he could get out but it was close.”

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Lemba.

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