Wormhole Brawl of the Week: Giants Collide


Art by Empanada.

This past week was a very slow one in wormhole space, but nevertheless there was still action. Throughout the week there were a small series of brawls and ganks, with the Big 3 coming out on top with the most amount of ISK killed as expected. The main organization that stood out this week was No Vacancies, the third of the Big 3 we discussed last week.

Dreads and Rorquals

No Vacancies had a series of dunks this week that put them on top. Their first win of the week was when a series of dreads were found ratting through a hole that was down the No Vacancies chain. No Vacancies formed 23 high-DPS destroyers along with supporting logistics, and tackled the dreadnoughts and killed them. No Vacancies lost one logistics ship and a MTU making their losses 100 million ISK, while the opposite side lost all three dreadnoughts totaling approximately 10 billion ISK.

Later in the week, Hard Knocks was connected to No Vacancies down the chain, and noticed Rorqual mining in the NOVAC pulsar. HK tackled the Rorq, and NOVAC formed its Barghest fleet that gets shield boost due to the system’s effect of pulsar, which provides a massive buff to shield resist. The HK fleet was outmatched by the NOVAC fleet, and was chased out of the system, and lost a few ships on the way out. NOVAC lost none of its ships, while HK lost all of the ships that were caught. HK also lost around 10 billion ISK, making NOVAC the clear winner of the engagement.  

Also during the week, NOVAC destroyed a Fortizar and Astrahus, and since asset safety does not exist in wormhole space, a good amount of ships dropped from the structures and were killed, which added a good amount to NOVAC’s kills for the week.

Who’s Who

Now that all three of the wormhole superpowers have been introduced, I would like to touch a bit on each corporation. Hard Knocks is the oldest of all of the groups, and is arguably the strongest. Their alliance was founded back in 2014, and has recently gotten into nullsec as well. They have a decent amount of space in the east, and also control a large amount of C5 and C6 systems. Their capital is a class 5 with a class 5 static named “Rage”, fully equipped with four Keepstars.

No Vacancies is the second oldest group and was formed in 2016. The group also lives out of a C5-C5 Pulsar, equipped with one Keepstar. They also have control to a decent amount of C5 systems. LazerHawks as an alliance was formed in 2017, also lives in a C5-C5, and has multiple Keepstars as well as a array of C5 and C6 farmholes used to make ISK.   

As I previously stated, this week was slow. Thanks for reading. Next week I will touch on smaller less powerful groups along with wormhole effects. See you next time!

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  • “4 keepstars”

    This article is hilariously low quality and inaccurate. Honestly looks like a 5 minute article some idiot shat out for money. Try proofreading and fact checking next time lmao. So many grammatical and factual mistakes.

    November 25, 2018 at 2:22 AM
  • Raquel

    I didn’t know this level of retardation existed in EVE.

    November 25, 2018 at 11:39 PM