PSA: Starbase Navigation Module Deadline


Art by Empanada.

I hope your logistic teams have been flexing hard, as come downtime on November 27, all Player-Owned Starbase jump bridges, cyno generators and cyno jammers will go offline. After this point, only the replacement FLEX Upwell structures will be functional. CCP’s announcement of this can be found here.

When FLEX structures were introduced in the Onslaught expansion, the current navigation structures were to work alongside the new FLEX corresponding structures for a two week period, allowing alliances to get to work with flexing up their network. That deadline is fast approaching, and we have seen the first of these structures deployed and destroyed.

All the POS modules can be unanchored and scooped up and used as part of the replacement program which CCP plans to carry out in the future. When INN hears more details on the replacement program, we’ll make sure to pass it onto you. Further, as FLEX structures now appear on your overview, once they have been added, you will be able to remove all the old corp bookmarks for the old jump bridge network, freeing up those bookmark slots.


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