World War Bee: Week 27


Week 27 of World War Bee was a cooling off week, after one of the most consequential weeks in all of EVE’s history, although there was still plenty of action. Delve, once again, dominated the headlines of the war for the week.

Unfortunately for fans of the updates, INN has been made aware of some issues in’s campaign trackers and presently, PAPI forces’ loss totals have broken the site in week 27. The New Eden battle report is here and the Cumulative Theater battle report is here so readers can examine for themselves. INN will omit any specific tracking regarding total losses.

There were five fights in week 27 that exceeded 20 billion ISK in total losses, excluding the M2-XFE hell camp and the 1DQ1-A/T5ZI-S border skirmishes. Two of those fights were strategic victories for the Imperium, one was a draw, and two were strategic victories for the PAPI coalition.

The three major theaters are the North (Fountain and the border with Aridia and Cloud Ring as well as western Delve), the South (the rest of Delve, Querious, and Period Basis), and the East (Paragon Soul, Stain, and Esoteria).


The Northern theater of the war, including the NJU-QV constellation in Western Delve, was still a busy and exciting part of the fighting for the week, playing host to the M2-XFE hell camp. Sunday saw the hell camp kill 94.7 billion ISK while losing 9 billion, featuring a Nyx, two FAXes, and three Naglfars from PAPI. Monday’s hell camp killed 145.8 billion ISK while losing 12.4 billion, featuring an Avatar, a Nyx, three FAXes, and a Thanatos. Tuesday was a quieter day in the hell camp that killed 39.1 billion ISK while losing 17.2 billion, featuring a dead Aeon.

Wednesday saw the Imperium form up major fleets for six hours to recapture all of the iHubs in the NJU-QV constellations, which had all achieved sovereignty 3 status, allowing the holders to place cyno jammers, cyno beacons, and jump bridges. The Imperium killed all of the existing iHubs and replaced them with their own, making it impossible to cyno jam the M2-XFE hell camp or use the jammers to assault additional Keepstars in the constellation. The Imperium lost 1.5 billion ISK while killing 7.2 billion. The hell camp killed 89 billion ISK for 17.4 billion lost, featuring 17 dreadnoughts, a FAX, and two carriers.

Thursday’s hell camp was slower, with 26 billion ISK killed and 1.3 billion lost, featuring a FAX, two dreadnoughts, and two carriers. Friday saw more kills in the hell camp, with 157.8 billion ISK killed for 19.1 billion lost, featuring a Ragnarok, a supercarrier, two FAXes, three dreadnoughts, and a carrier. Saturday was a slow end to the week with 30.2 billion ISK killed and 9.3 billion lost, featuring four FAXes and three dreadnoughts.


Various Imperium forces caused trouble in Esoteria and Catch. On Thursday, Imperium forces got together to snap the FAT-6P iHub, a former major staging Keepstar in Catch from the start of the war, killing 3.2 billion ISK and losing 1.1 billion. By the end of the day, several constellations in Catch had lost all of their iHubs and Dreadbomb and other alliances were beginning to move in (see below).


Sunday began week 27 with a Goon Hel jumping to a bait cyno beacon in 1-SMEB, losing 25.1 billion ISK for 8.6 billion killed as a quick reaction force came to try and save the super. Later in the day, Goons lost an Azbel in Delve. The 1DQ1-A/T5ZI-S border skirmish battle report for Sunday showed a very even set of losses, with the Imperium losing 35.6 billion ISK for 36.7 billion killed. Monday’s action saw a fight over an Imperium attempt to reinforce the 8F-TK3 iHub, with the Imperium killing 2.5 billion ISK and losing 748.3 million. The morning, however began with Imperium forces taking significant losses while trying to finish off the hull timer of a Fortizar in Fake Querious, on the border with the 1DQ1-A constellation. The outnumbered Imperium forces lost 50.6 billion ISK for 17.6 billion killed. The border skirmish battle report showed the Imperium killing 20.9 billion ISK for 10 billion lost.

Tuesday saw the Imperium form to kill the PDE-U3 iHub, which was ultimately saved by TEST hackers, however the Imperium killed 42.5 billion ISK for 24.2 billion lost. Later in the day, one man army Bigbillthaboss3 made a play for iHubs in UEXO-Z and nearby systems, ultimately entering a dreadnought battle, losing 7.1 billion ISK for 4 billion killed. The Imperium’s Black Ops SIG destroyed a Brave Astrahus in Querious, as well as some additional ships, losing 280 million ISK while destroying 3.1 billion. The Imperium restored control of the FM-JK5 Keepstar iHub as well, then reinforced other iHubs in the SPNZ-Z constellation, losing 12.7 billion ISK for 51.1 billion killed. The border skirmish battle report saw the Imperium lose 12.6 billion ISK and kill 9.5 billion.

Wednesday was a slower day as an Imperium fleet attempting to reinforce a TEST Fortizar in AJI-MA was bombed, losing 7.3 billion ISK and killing 478 million. The border skirmish battle report saw the Imperium kill 14.4 billion ISK while losing 12.1 billion. Thursday was consequential as the Imperium’s Am0k. corporation celebrated the liberation of the W-4U1E constellation by killing the last hostile iHub in SVM-3K, which also hosted a jump bridge in the border system to Querious, formerly allowing PAPI forces to bypass a number of systems and getting within Imperium supercapital jump range. The Imperium lost 3.4 billion ISK and killed 1.9 billion. The Imperium then pivoted to attack TEST’s iHub in UEXO-Z over a Keepstar and killed a PAPI Cerberus fleet, but lost the node fight. The Imperium lost 5.3 billion ISK for 12.8 billion killed. One of the biggest iHub node fights also took place Thursday with the Imperium hard forming to restore control of the D-W iHub, a major Keepstar system that once hosted the Imperium super fleet. Through 10% tidi and a five hour slog, the Imperium eventually emerged victorious, losing 68.8 billion ISK for nearly 79 billion killed. The border skirmish battle report saw the Imperium lose 10.3 billion ISK for 14.7 billion killed.

Friday saw the Imperium restore control of the FM-JK5 Keepstar iHub, with the Imperium losing 2.9 billion ISK for 1.8 billion killed. The border skirmish battle report saw the Imperium lose 11.1 billion ISK while killing 6.5 billion. Saturday’s border skirmish battle report saw the Imperium lose 28.7 billion ISK for 21.8 billion killed.


Friday saw PAPI forces save their 0SHT-A Keepstar in Curse after it had been reinforced several times by The Initiative. The Initiative’s forces lost 6 billion ISK while killing 3.7 billion as the Keepstar repaired. Shortly after the PAPI forces left, the Keepstar was reinforced again.

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  • Guilford Australis

    The M2- hellcamp prevents PAPI from contesting many strategic objectives, and they only have two options for ending that situation: (1) attempt to break out, or (2) diplomacy and withdrawal. I thought option 1 was more likely, but I also thought if that happened it would be over the weekend since most of the players who are logged out in M2- presumably would be available for extraction around the same time the fight took place last weekend.

    The diplomacy angle could be interesting. If I were Gobbins, Vince Draken, or Hedliner, I’d be thinking very hard about offering The Imperium an arrangement to cut TEST loose in exchange for an uncontested extraction. They are, at this point, only throwing away their supercapitals so that the least competent alliance in their coalition can inherit four new regions. This would allow them to drop the dead weight of TEST while ending the stalemate in WWB.

    “We came to Delve, killed big things, and had fun fights. Unfortunately, we also realized our tenuous allies TEST were not the powerhouse they claimed to be, so we turned them loose. Good luck to them.”

    January 11, 2021 at 2:45 PM
    • Rammel Kas Guilford Australis

      There is a diplomatic option given. It was announced that only ONE of the belligerents can pay a blood price to get a golden ticket out of the mess, with conditions. We are waiting to see what comes of this. But interested parties think it may be another week or two slow bleed before they trapi sit down and seriously discuss it.

      In the meantime they continue to try limited pushes with what they have available. Which of course inflates any blood price.

      January 11, 2021 at 3:20 PM
  • Simon Chui

    M2- is truly the welp that keeps on welping. If PAPI thought the campers would get bored after a while and give up, and then they can extract, they really need to stop feeding a few dozen billion isk in killmails every day.

    January 11, 2021 at 9:28 PM
    • Garreth Vlox Simon Chui

      Someone posted a ping a few days ago in the camp fleet chat showing PAPI is telling their don’t worry, in a month the camp fleet will lose 30% of its numbers… And even if that happens there will still be a full fleet, plus partial overflow fleet waiting for them, now that everyone knows just how much is stuck there we aren’t going anywhere.

      January 12, 2021 at 3:46 AM