Winter Celebrations in EVE


It has been hard to miss but we are approaching the middle of December where most Online video games start their winter celebration events. Accordingly, the details of the EVE online event have been released today. Starting on the 11th of December and running until the 28th of December,  players—both Alpha and Omega—can log into the game and will receive exclusive rewards over the 17 days period. Similarly, during the last login bonus weekend there will be a set of rewards for Alpha Clones and another set for Omega. It’s also noted that if an Alpha upgrades to Omega after collecting rewards, then the rewards for the Omega for those days will also be added to the redeem queue. In total, there are 13 days of rewards, which gives players a bit of a breather so they don’t have to log in every day to collect all of the rewards. Note that these logins do not need to be consecutive. As long as you log in 13 different days during the period (day resets at DT) you will collect all of the rewards.

While CCP hasn’t confirmed what rewards we will be getting, they have said some of the rewards will be exclusive to the Omega clone. These include all new standing boosters for Facial Augmentations, exclusive Icecloud Investigators and Chromodynamic Candy SKINs, and a thousand skill points and more. When INN has the full list we’ll update and let you all know.

One of the most exciting gifts is an exclusive booster for Omega characters. This is the reward given on the 13th login day and allows three uses of skill injectors without diminishing returns to skill points received. This booster is tailored towards players who want to inject themselves with new skill points, but only receive 150k out of the half a million skill points inside the booster. Therefore, players will gain the full 1.5 million skill points when using free boosters in collaboration with this new exclusive booster. How will the market react?

Also confirmed were the dates for operation permafrost, the latest live event for EVE Online. The event will run from the 17th of December to the 2nd of January, or a total of 16 days.  The event promises new and exciting challenges, visuals, and content. Players can look forward to enjoying exclusive rewards, such as blueprints for brand new modules, exclusive operation permafrost SKINs as well as limited time boosters and several accelerators. While we don’t have any confirmation of what we can expect while taking part in operation permafrost, leaks point towards ice mining, gas harvesting, and a PVE environment offering something for every player.

When we have more information on the event, I will be providing that. Use your guide to the event to know what you can expect. You should bring an orca to this one as well.


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