Twin TEST titans take terrific tumble in A1-AUH


In a spectacular loss on Saturday afternoon, two titans and a Hel belonging to Test Alliance Please Ignore were destroyed in the Esoteria region system of A1-AUH by a small Imperium fleet consisting of pilots from Goonswarm Federation and The Bastion. TEST losses exceeded 180 billion ISK in value, while Imperium forces lost under 40 billion ISK in material.

The engagement began as the Imperium fleet jumped on a Ragnarok piloted by Alcoholocaust’s RNJesus. The titan had been observed by the Imperium’s Pittsburgh “doing dumb stuff all over Esoteria with little support,” reported the Imperium FC Jay Amazingness. The second Ragnarok, as well as a Hel, were just in the area by chance. A small sub-capital fleet supported by a battle-ready Warqual (Rorqual) initially tackled the Test super capitals, with a fleet of 22 dreadnoughts providing the firepower that brought down the first Ragnarok in “under 38 seconds,” as Jay reported on INN’s “The Meta Show” shortly after the battle.

Only after clearing the field of the two titans and the super capital did the Imperium fleet begin looking for an exit. The fleet was held in place briefly by jump fatigue, and by the time this finished, TEST had responded with a sub-cap fleet which destroyed 12 of the dreadnoughts in A1-AUH and TCAG-3. Ten Imperium dreadnoughts escaped, which was more than was planned. “We expected to sacrifice the dreads,” reported The Bastion’s Carneros, who dealt top damage on the first Ragnarok. “We giggled as we died.”

Since the battle, there has been speculation that the titan was some kind of “ratting titan.” Imperium FC Jay Amazingness denies this. “Ratting titan? No,” adding, “doing ‘meme-y’ stuff like he was will end badly if you aren’t on the ball every time you go out.”

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