Trillion ISK fight over Faction Fortizar


As most of you will be aware, August 20 just after downtime a massive fight erupted between Snuffed Out, Initiative and Dead Coalition over the final timer for a Tatara and a Marganis Fortizar belonging to Theran Alliance.

Quite often these structure timers result in one side not showing and the structure either repairing uncontested or exploding without any resistance. The previous timers had resulted in Dead Coalition standing down due to Snuff bringing overwhelming numbers. This time however, Dead Coalition decided to go all in with defending the structures.

Initially this was a standard brawl, Snuff brought in Legions along with Apostles and Revelations, with an Initiative Stuka fleet ready to support them. Dead Co began with Lokis and Rattlesnakes, with dreads coming in to take out the Apostles and Revelations.  Snuff responded with dreads, and the two fleets began exchanging fire at close range. Hy Wanto from Snuff made the decision to escalate and drop Titans on the field. This is the point where Sort had to decide whether to stand down his fleet or respond in kind. He told us that he made the call to engage as he had been waiting for the right time to do this, and he felt the numbers were there to push Snuff off the field. A cyno went up from a subcap, and the Dead Co fleet appeared on the field.

An error with the jump in from Snuff led to an Erebus and Avatar being bumped towards Dead Co and swiftly exploding. Snuff traded these losses for some Ragnaroks from Ranger Regiment. The Ragnaroks were not optimally fit having their lowslots without tank mods. Which made it more difficult for Dead Co to save them.  Sort focused his Titans on the Apostles, this meant that Snuff did not have sufficient reps to keep their Titans up. The tide began to turn against them, and the decision was made to extract.  Pandoralica from Initiative was on hand to bomb the bubbles around the titans, allowing them to escape, some of them well into armor.

The final toll for the battle comes in at 1.3 Trillion ISK. As with any battle of this size, there are a number of videos available. Pando ran a stream with commentary from his perspective, which can be found on his Twitch.

There is a Molok POV from Snuff

For a more cinematic view of the fight showing Eve at its most beautiful, Fat man132 Jordan has provided two videos on youtube

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  • Nicz Shadowstar

    The killmail is huge.

    August 22, 2019 at 1:03 PM