Triglavians in a Nutshell


Art by Saavy Kneel

People know about the Invasion of the Triglavians, but how much do they know about Trigs, other than they have huge ships and a passion for the number three? Like any story point in EVE Online, the lore is as heavy as it is hidden, so here are some main points.


Their alphabet can be seen as triangles. For those who have played JRPG’s, it can remind people of the alphabet called “Hymnos” from Ar Tonelico. They could sometimes be seen during an invasion at gates. Some have taken time outside of EVE to decipher their language, and have collected what messages they could.

From what can be gathered, one word describes the nature and personality of the Triglavians – structured.

They are organized into tiers called “Clades”, and operate like a bee hive. The top Clades are Svarog, Perun, and Veles. If you look these up, these are also Slavic gods from ancient times. According to Wikipedia; Svarog is the god of celestial fire and blacksmiths. Perun in this same mythology is the highest of the gods, and has a lot of aspects under his domain, but two stick out the most; law and war. Veles (in the real folklore) is a direct opponent of Perun and often made like the devil. Like Perun, he has a lot of aspects, but the ones that stick out are “darkness”, and “trickery.”

If we follow the suits of the gods that these Clades are named after, we might see that Svarog is the working class, Perun is the warriors, and Veles might be the spy department. Is it hard to see what translates from real life into the game, but it is something to work with. It has been said that they are independent of one another, and don’t always work for a common goal.

The invasion into New Eden is an exception to that, but they attack at the same time, and they leave at the same time. While it is unknown whether the Triglavians have a hive mind, it could be that their strict discipline just allows them to be a uniform fleet. If you watch the video linked below by Resurrected Starships, the voices from that one billboard (Zoria of Triglav) can remind people of “The Many” from System Shock. They attack people to see if they are worthy, at least that is the interpretation we have so far. Their entrance in 2018 and their attacks to this point to see if the Capsuleers are worth their time.

They also have huge beef with the Drifters, calling them “Azdaja”, which translates to “dragon”.

In other words, imagine a people with the thirst for order and spirituality as the Amaar with the militaristic structure of Soviet Russia.

… and they may or may not have Borg-like tendencies because they are rumored to have hi-end cybernetics.

Abyssal Deadspace

They dwell in a place called Abyssal Deadspace. Sometimes explorers can come across items called Abyssal Filaments which can take them to the Abyssal Deadspace. Once you enter Abyssal Deadspace, you are on a timer and can fight rogue drones and sleepers, as well as the Triglavians themselves. If you run out of time, your ship and capsule gets blown up without a way to salvage it back. You can find the blueprints to some of the Triglavian ships in this manner, so the reward for the risk is worth it. It is a place with a lot of storms and debris similar to Siberia in Russia.

Because of the harsh environments that they live in, they have cybernetic suits. The kicker is that we never really see a Triglavian’s face. They wear masks similar to Tali’Zora from Mass Effect.


Before you can even think about driving these bad boys, you are going to need skill points in Precursor ships. They also use the unique weapon called Entropic Disintegrators. The Kikimora destroyer is quickly becoming a favorite in the community. It looks like a Crucifier had decided to leave Amaar and become a Sith Lord. The Drekavek is their battle cruiser and it looks like a giant space pen. It still looks cooler than most. Unlike Gallente ships, it’s edged in red instead of blue.

They also use engines called “singularity engines.” It might be why the secondary color of all of the ships are orange. For a more in-depth look about the Triglavians and Slavic culture, and translations of Triglavian terms, see the links below.

For more information, check out these sources: Alpha Orbital, Resurrected Starships (YouTube), (Azdaja) (Svarog) (Perun) (Veles)


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  • Kronos

    Are they Aliens or Humans ?

    June 27, 2020 at 3:44 PM
    • Alaric Faelen Kronos

      just another type of human I believe. As far as I know Fedo are the only native species in New Eden.
      Trigs seem to be associated with the Drifters.

      Remember the Drifters? Yeah, neither do I……

      June 28, 2020 at 12:43 AM
      • Kronos Alaric Faelen

        thank you , yes I do remember the drifters

        June 29, 2020 at 2:01 PM
      • How about those Slaver Hounds? I assume there’s more alien species out there, but generally of the typical animal/plant/fungus/etc. varieties.

        If there had been intelligent life, the first colonists in EVE may have slaughtered it and in true human fashion, didn’t bother to record any of it. Human exceptionalism and all…

        July 4, 2020 at 5:04 AM
    • Rammel Kas Kronos

      They appear to be related to one of the traveling colonist groups when New Eden was first settled, latterly found in wormhole space seclusion like the Jove were. Of the groups who went in there to shelter from the EVE Gate incident we have met the sleepers, drifters, Jove (you can find snippets of them in the Elder incidents and other short stories CCP authored and may be related to the first two), their rogue AI drones and now the Triglavians who seem to have ventured even deeper into dimensional pockets in order to escape. There are also Talocan and Yun something or other science books and artifacts we’ve encountered.

      There also appears to have been mention of conflicts between them and Sansha, who are a borg-like collective mind who they particularly detest.

      June 28, 2020 at 12:31 PM
      • Kronos Rammel Kas

        thank you for the info . I always wonder why there is no aliens on eve.

        June 29, 2020 at 2:01 PM