It’s been a gratifyingly busy week here at TMC. Fanfest has finally arrived, bringing with it a number of new announcements and promises for the future. Our week of EVE news began with a quick announcement about Fanfest, containing some quick information for attendees.

As the war in the north continues, casualties are inevitable. This was the case on either side of the conflict as a pair of titans, one belonging to GSF and the other to NC., were shot down in this titan kill double feature.

While CCP Ytterbium’s departure was known months in advance, this week saw him finally leave the company. Matterall offered a retrospective of Ytterbium’s career at CCP, highlighting his contributions to our favourite sandbox. We all wish him the best in his future endeavours.

Snigwaffe hosted a public roam in honour of its anniversary. The event, which saw over 300 pilots attending, resulted in a brawl racking up over 42 billion ISK in damages.

The CSM XI election results arrived, complete with analysis on the matter. Among this year’s delegates are former TMC editor Kyle Aparthos, and the ever-divisive Xenuria. There are four Imperium-affiliated members of the CSM XI, and six associated with the MBC.

A D0KDO dreadnought fleet saw its end in Saranen, thanks to an attempt to bait an infamous titan pilot. Interestingly, 20 of the dreadnoughts were run by a single player, who did not take into account the effects of entering siege mode on his target locks.

Our Fanfest coverage is still ongoing, but there’s no reason not to catch up now. Check out our analysis of the opening ceremonies, which included an announcement regarding Dust’s successor. We’ve also broken down this year’s Fanfest keynote presentations.

Not all major brawls this week were over sov. Wormhole residents Overload This and Lazerhawks organised a battle on neutral ground which cost both parties the sum of 62 billion ISK.

The infamous ganking-centric organisation CODE underwent some leadership changes following the banning of its former leader. TMC spoke with the current alliance executor about the ongoing events and the group’s future.

Talking in Stations continued this week with a rare appearance from Vince Draken and Grath Telkin in our digital studio. A wide range of topics were discussed, and a link to the episode can be found in our write-up of it.

Finally, daily quests are coming to EVE. Cerussite has the scoop on the new feature granting a modest skill point boost to pilots on Singularity.


Paradox’s highly-anticipated sci-fi grand strategy game Stellaris opened for preorders, as Anehii reported. Pre-orders come in three tiers with various sets of goodies, including an ebook at the top tier. Stay tuned for further coverage, including an interview with the Stellaris dev team!

Following up on the initial launch of Consortium: The Tower’s crowdfunding campaign, Ramon Rakow reported that the game had met its goals in its second round of funding, this time on ‘fig’. Fig is a crowdfunding site with a twist – people can invest in the game for a return based on sales. For more details, check out the article.

The HTC Vive is here, and Turk Fezzik gave his impressions of the VR hardware. If you have any interest in VR as a gamer looking towards the future, or if you’re planning to buy, this is a must-read.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Bryan Manicke continued his excellent series of dev blogs for the Gen Con event Madison under Siege. This time, he covered Hunter: The Reckoning, and his thoughts on the ways it ties into the World of Darkness setting. Next up on the list is Mage: The Ascension.

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