CCP Scarpia, Lead Game Design for Eve Online, has left CCP Games. CCP Ytterbium, Senior Game Designer for Eve Online, will depart at the end of March. CCP FoxFour, Technical Designer for Eve Online, will leave in June.

Scarpia joined CCP in 2004, and has worked on the Eve collectible card game, World of Darkness, and Eve Online. His most recent work was on Project Discovery, the Human Protein Atlas mini-game in Eve which produces data for thousands of medical research groups. Scarpia has moved on to a game design position at Sólfar Studios, joining the ranks of other former CCP employees who founded the virtual reality studio.

Ytterbium joined CCP around 2008, and worked on the Crius industry changes, the ship identification tree, new destroyers, tiericide, certificates, and many other things. As a member of Team Game of Drones, he is currently working on bringing Citadels and new structures to Eve. Ytterbium doesn’t pull punches, and has produced some epic forum posts when the players have been unruly. He plans to depart CCP after the new structures are introduced.

FoxFour joined CCP in 2012 and has worked on Dust 514 and Eve Online. He is best known for his work on Super Kerr Induced Nano Coating and CREST. FoxFour was instrumental in rebooting the stalled third-party Eve developer program within CCP. Without his efforts some, of the third-party tools Eve players use today would not exist. FoxFour is also known for his socks and his soccer skills. He plans to depart CCP in June.

The staff at TMC wishes these developers the best in their new endeavors. The light in space will be a little dimmer without them.

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