TEST Deploys to Fountain


After losing the war in Fountain and abandoning Delve for Aridia, TEST have announced their plans for post-sov content. They are going to return to Fountain to harass the region’s new owners, Fatal Ascension. TEST and FA have a long history of animosity. It was tensions between those groups that nearly led to an HBC/CFC war in January 2013 and when the CFC won the battle of 6VDT, it was FA who took control of TEST’s former capital.

The announcement below comes from TEST’s forums.

The campaign to cause a FAilcascade

Today marks the beginning of our first campaign as a strong independent non-sov holding alliance who don’t need no allies. Operation Waterdong is focused on one region, our old home, Fountain:

The objective of this campaign is simple: Fuck with FA and LI3 as much as we possibly can.

FA is in a very vulnerable spot, as is any alliance that relocates to a new location. We will use this to our advantage, harass them. We will nuke their homedef fleets, we will deny their members income. We won’t stop till FA starts crying for goons to help, and even then, that’s just more targets to shoot.

Predditors will be our vanguard in this campaign, they have already begun hot drop operations and have cyno alts throughout the region dropping on ratters and the like. Their actions have already stirred up defense fleets that our non-covert fleets should be able to assist in dispersing and generate content for them. SilentMajority and Unmada are coordinating these black ops efforts and if you have the skills for a stealth bomber or recon be sure to apply to predditors.

If you don’t though, we will be running plenty of non-covert fleets into the heart of Fountain, with the Chimera and Unicorn constellations only 2 jumps away using titan bridges, we will be able to respond to the fleets predditors stir up, and perhaps stir up some home defence fleets of our own for predditors to hot drop on top of.

This campaign will heavily utilize blackops crews in conjunction with our subcap fleets. We will show high degrees of cooperation, with one of them often being the anvil, while the other is the hammer.

This campaign is all about having fun and not needing to alarm clock to defend that station timer or kill that IHub, we are going to roam in cheap ships that are fun to fly, and we are going to make FA hate the fact that they are living in OUR space.

Let’s have some fucking fun.

The Campaign Commander for Operation Waterdong will be:

Husker Admin, The only named Admin in TEST alliance!

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Sun Win.

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