Tenal Gets Lit Up By NCPL Assault


AKA: The nut cracks.

Early on Sunday, January 12, the joint forces of Northern Coalition(dot) and Pandemic Legion (supported by Pandemic Horde) took a trip into Tenal to contest three Infrastructure Hub (iHub) timers as part of a months-long effort to put pressure on DeadCo forces in the region. The outcome of this most recent asault was surprising – the key system of G06-8Y was flipped to NCdot, alongside two other systems.

At the same time, attacking forces entosised the majority of iHubs in the region, setting the stage for a massive iHub bonanza on January 14, with a total of 28 iHub timers up for grabs between 10:45 and 16:30 UTC – all the timers are visible on Timerboard. This progress into the region has been a long time coming for PanFam, but also comes at a time when Legacy Coalition is starting to back away from the northern theatre, with LegacyCo Military Director Vily claiming that their assault on Dead Coalition was “not worth losing friends over”.

Will Sort Dragon be able to rally and redeploy the troops effectively to defend Tenal from the invading hordes? Will the fabled AUTZ tank hold strong? Will people laugh at Sort for Goons not turning up then complain when they do? The answers to all this and more will become clear by January 15, so stay tuned for further updates.

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