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To Wish Upon A Wyvern: The Story of a Newbee in a Super

Rauski Koraka 2017-05-12

Blink and you would have missed it. At 23:30 Eve time on May 7 a Goonswarm Federation Wyvern belonging to Amy Winthrop of the corporation Ascendance was downed in the lowsec region of Everyshore by Shadow Cartel. only fourteen minutes after…

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TEST saves, then loses Wyvern in G-M4GK

Stephanie Daugherty 2017-04-13

TEST saved and then proceeded to lose a Wyvern today in G-M4GK in Paragon Soul to a joint Red Menace Coalition and Imperium operation. The Red Menace Coalition, a collection of mostly Russian-speaking alliances initially tackled the super and were…

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The Scope: Boarders Away!

Submission 2015-09-29

The Scope Galactic News Network’s Alton Haveri reported today that a Wyvern supercarrier belonging to the Wiyrkomi Peace Corps was boarded and stolen by Dread Guristas in a daring raid. The supercarrier Antero was ‘moored’ outside the Wiyrkomi Peace Corps…