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5 Eve Online

Netflix and Chillback

Submission 2021-09-13

Now that the war has ended, I wanted to tell the story of how every man in the war counted and how a line member became a leader and then became the bogey man.

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Joining EVE In Wartime: Fluffeh’s Story

Submission 2021-08-16

My first encounter with EVE Online happened many years ago, when I bought the game, played for an hour, and never booted it up again. Fast-forward a few years, and one night down a youtube rabbit hole, I found a…

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9-4RP2: From the eyes of a semi-newbie

Maccie 2018-01-24

January 23, 2018, 21:51:10 UTC—My Jackdaw fleet just received orders from leadership to jump to 9-4RP2. For the better part of the evening, we were roaming from Delve to the vicinity of 9-4. We had managed to score a few…

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Awesome Black Friday Sci-Fi and Space Deals

Buff Fresh 2016-11-24

Black Friday is only days away and the Awesome sales are already upon us, so many games (too many to list) are on sale right now! So I give you my Top Ten sales from Sci-Fi and Space Games on Sale…