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The Disbanding of CO2: A Requiem in Five Acts

Gray Doc 2018-12-13

The alliance Circle-Of-Two (CO2) announced on Dec. 2, 2018, that they were disbanding. INN released a brief news hit to mark the news, but I felt the disbanding deserved a longer treatment, because CO2 is one of the reasons, in a…

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David Matterall 2018-01-19

The Razor’s Edge is a column written from the precarious middle that lies between the forever warring powers, BoB and GOONS (modern-day Northern Coalition and The Imperium, respectively). The forever war continued in the wake of 2016’s volatility – Imperium…

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RMT Records Presents: Judge’s Gonna Cut You Down

Rhivre 2017-09-14

RMT Records presents their take on the CO2 events this week

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CSM Metagame: Aryth Flips The Judge

Arrendis 2017-09-12

Members of the Imperium were greeted with a series of exultant pings tonight: (11:07:38 PM) directorbot: I want to smug. You are going to love this. I am the best CSM in history ~~~ This was a broadcast from aryth…