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The Outer Worlds Review – Not Quite As Full As I’d Like

Chase Gamwell 2020-02-02

Nothing tickles my fancy like a good science fiction story, so I was elated when The Outer Worlds was announced last year. And my excitement grew when Microsoft revealed it would be included in the Xbox Game Pass for PC…

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Diving Into EVE: Valkyrie — Warzone

Riley 2017-09-27

As you may have heard, the latest title patch for EVE: Valkyrie has just dropped, opening the formerly VR-exclusive slice of New Eden to all interested gamers on the PC and PS4. In addition to removing the VR requirement (making…

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Game Review: Prowlers and Paragons

Romulus Loches 2017-09-20

The world of tabletop gaming is largely overshadowed by the classic Dungeons and Dragons. With this comes the idea and stigma of enthusiastic nerds playing a game with overly complicated rules.  Coincidentally, this same stereotype can be applied to Eve…

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Elite Dangerous: Premonition — A Book Review

FroggyStorm 2017-07-22

Last week, Elite Dangerous’ creator, Frontier Developments, released a new book. Titled Elite Dangerous: Premonition, the volume is a canonical story within the universe. INN, in the interest of keeping abreast of, and reporting on, the lore aspect of ED,…

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Citadels: One Year Later

Rauski Koraka 2017-05-25

Just over a year ago the Eve online: Citadel cinematic trailer was released. I remember the excitement I felt when I first saw the structure in that trailer. My mind was completely blown when the Rokh flew through the billboard and…

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Trajectory: Welcome, Inmate!

WintersWolf 2017-04-02

ONLY A FEW DAYS REMAIN Trajectory is a first person, VR-enabled, sci-fi adventure game set in a dystopian future where Earth is recovering from a global conflict dubbed the Cyber Wars. After technology has failed humanity by proving to be its…

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Conan Exiles: Into madness, or not quite

GOB the Magician 2017-02-06

Conan Exiles has been an interesting early access launch to both watch and participate in. I avoided official servers and instead sought out smaller private servers and single player. As such, it’s been a great experience. For those on official…

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LifeAfter: The Fiction Podcast That You’ll Binge In A Day

vicarious 2017-01-05

The Story “It’s been eight months, Ross, don’t you think it’s time to take off the ring?” Ross’ friends have been supportive since the loss, but they are running short on options. They’ve said all the nice things, walked on…

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Submission 2016-05-09

It felt strange to be so excited for an original space strategy game from a developer with no previous sci-fi experience, or without a well-known IP behind them. But, ever since Stellaris was announced last year, I’ve been looking forward…

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Review: Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

TMC Archives 2016-04-26

It seems that adaptations of older games have become a theme in my reviews as of late. Much as XCOM 2 and Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars updated 90’s classics to a modern standard, the recently-released Battlefleet Gothic: Armada…

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Review: Life is Feudal: Your Own

TMC Archives 2015-11-21

On November 17, indie developer BitBox Games released its new sandbox game: Life is Feudal: Your Own, on Steam. Life is Feudal was the winner of this year’s Best Indie MMO award at E3. Part of the planned Life is…

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EVE: Valkyrie Issue #1

TMC Archives 2015-10-17

EVE: Valkyrie is a new comic series covering, as many will know already, the creation and ascension of the Valkyrie group of fighter pilots. Brian Wood, author of Rebels and many others, and Eduardo Francisco, the artist on Dark Horse’s…

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Andrew Sturgis 2015-10-16

While getting a reaction might not be the goal of every new devblog, CCP Rise certainly has lived up to his name with his most recent devblog causing players from all walks of the universe to speak up for or…

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CERES Review

TMC Archives 2015-10-16

CERES opens up with an interesting description of the future. Our solar system has been twisted beyond recognition by a malfunctioning stargate. “Man, monsters, and machine-gods fight for survival,” while alien lifeforms and the ashes of dying worlds are sucked…