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Imperium Book Club: The Light Brigade

Quendan 2019-05-09

Dietz is a ghoul, a social outcast. In the hyper-capitalist Future that Hurley is painting, corporations have eclipsed nation states and a system of citizens and residents stratifies society. When suddenly most inhabitants of one of Earths largest cities vanish,…

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Book Review: Saga of Seven Suns

Roudin 2018-05-20

Art by Mintaki. For the TL;DR crowd, this seven book series by Kevin J. Anderson has been called a space opera in regards to its complexity. Imagine breaking down a game of Stellaris with active empires, fallen empires, and diverse…

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Elite Dangerous: Premonition — A Book Review

FroggyStorm 2017-07-22

Last week, Elite Dangerous’ creator, Frontier Developments, released a new book. Titled Elite Dangerous: Premonition, the volume is a canonical story within the universe. INN, in the interest of keeping abreast of, and reporting on, the lore aspect of ED,…