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Breaking News: Eve Echoes Official Launch Date Announced

SatelliteMind 2020-07-26

On July 25, CCP and NetEase unveiled the long-awaited release date for EVE Echoes, the mobile-based adaptation of EVE Online. The release will occur on August 13, and this was published on the official Eve Echoes Twitter page. We're excited…

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Status update after the march release

mistwarden 2018-03-23

The March 20 release was not the smoothest one in recent years. It was plagued by everything from missing local chat (which appeared in wormholes!), corp members being in different instances of corp chat, fleet members showing as red in…

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CCP Releases Patch Notes: Tuesday May 9th Release 119.5

Erick Asmock 2017-05-06

CCP has released a number of interesting announcements in the patch notes yesterday, however, as usual, they may have underestimated the customer response to the changes they are making. The Patch Notes contain a mixed bag of good and bad…

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Jack Hulatt 2016-06-28

On June 28 2016, CCP will be releasing update 118.6 for EVE Online. Key featuresĀ in this update include the introduction of multifitting, new citadel modules and the introduction of the Shadow of the Serpent event, and the introduction of the…

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Turk Fezzik 2015-09-25

The next release for Eve Online will come on September 29 and it brings some interesting changes. This is a fairly small release but it includes some gems such as the long-awaited battlecruiser rebalance, the death of the trollceptor, and…