1 Legacy and PanFam have been skirmishing in Cache News

Ongoing Legacy v PanFam Fighting In Cache

JuriusDoctor 2020-04-21

Fighting continues between Legacy Coalition and PanFam in Cache, punctuated by a larger skirmish in I6-SYN this past Thursday. The battle centered on an anchoring Astrahus owned by Test Alliance Please Ignore (TEST). The citadel was dropped by members of the Legacy’s…

66 News

Breaking News: CCP Signals Silence in Null Sec Space

Paramemetic 2019-07-05

In an in-character Scope dispatch earlier today, CCP has signaled the likely end of local chat in nullsec space. Citing a shortage of the resources needed to maintain the “Fluid Router FTL” communications network, CCP announced a “reduction in bandwidth…

9 Editorial

The New Meta – Valor? Cowardice? Mediocrity.

Johnny Crowe 2017-08-10

Nestled somewhere in the drug constellation OK-FEM, two VNI’s and six shots later, I find myself sitting here in this perch without much krabbing to be had. Sure, I could go to staging and sell off a mass of small…