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Devblog: First steps in Resource shakeup

Rhivre 2019-12-22

On December 20, just before everyone headed off for their Christmas break, CCP finally answered the question that has been bouncing around New Eden this week: “Are the anomaly changes in Null-Sec a feature or a bug?” A devblog was…

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Diplomacy: The Two EVEs

JuriusDoctor 2018-11-23

This is the fifth and final chapter of the diplomacy series I started over a year ago.┬áPart five was intended to examine how diplomacy develops in a vacuum, and what occurs when one party moves out and makes room for…

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Stainwagon and Borderlands Syndicate Clash in Immensea

TMC Archives 2015-09-30

In Immensea on September 28 at 17:00, Stainwagon engaged Borderlands Syndicate in the systems of DY-P7Q and GXK-7F. The conflict centered on a small Stainwagon POS in GXK-7F coming out of its reinforcement cycle. GXK serves as Borderlands’ staging system,…

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Submission 2015-07-13

In my last article, I made a comment that the PvE changes were unlikely to result in any great benefit to the null-sec community, and I wanted to go into a little more detail about why. First, let me state…