Devblog: First steps in Resource shakeup


On December 20, just before everyone headed off for their Christmas break, CCP finally answered the question that has been bouncing around New Eden this week: “Are the anomaly changes in Null-Sec a feature or a bug?”

A devblog was released explaining that a resource distribution overhaul was underway, and that the first part of this had been implemented on December 17. Pilots had noticed nullsec mining anomalies taking less time to clear, and that they appeared to have lower quantities of ore in each rock. Without any confirmation from CCP, and no mention in any patch notes that had been issued, players were left speculating as to whether this was a bug or a feature, and what the exact changes were.

CCP’s explanation began with a change that had not really been noticed by players: “On Tuesday 17 December, Veldspar and Spodumain rocks were removed from Null-Sec asteroid belts“. This large change passed largely unnoticed for three days due to the fact Null-Sec belts are only really mined for raising the System Index, which allows anomalies to spawn. The confusion regarding mining yields was explained by CCP Dopamine saying “...the quantity of ore for levels three, four and five asteroid Anomalies in Null-Sec were greatly reduced (33%, 50%, and 66% respectively).” Level three, four and five anomalies are the Large, Enormous and Colossal anomalies.

The blog went on to say that further changes to resource distribution will be occurring in the coming months, and that players were not notified in advance of these changes to allow for an element of mystery and sense of discovery within New Eden. For future changes, some will be without notice (although, patch notes could, and perhaps should be updated once the change is out for a day or so to avoid players quite understandably thinking features are bugs), and changes that require pilots to have time to prepare will be notified in advance.

To go along with the devblog, CCP issued a video wishing all capsuleers Season’s Greetings, and shows CCP Burger deleting Spodumain and Veldspar.

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  • I really don’t get it. They ruin every aspect of the game, alienate people in droves, and now they’re gunning for the few players who’ve stuck around despite the fact that all there is to do in nullsec anymore is mine or hotdrop miners?

    They’re literally declaring war on their own playerbase. It’s absurd.

    December 22, 2019 at 10:14 AM
    • Catherine Laartii Ganthrithor

      Imagine playing in a single shard game for years and never meeting people outside your own comfort zone. 😮

      December 22, 2019 at 7:51 PM
      • IDK what you mean by this post v0v

        December 23, 2019 at 5:17 AM
        • General Thade Ganthrithor

          I am selling a mining wormhole if interested, comes with rorqs 🙂

          December 24, 2019 at 10:43 PM
  • Rammel Kas

    Anomalies ARE however the source of Mercoxit for T2 manufacture. Which makes this kind of… interesting around a month or two from now. Probably not for the reasons :ccp: intend.

    December 22, 2019 at 1:49 PM
  • Dennis Datin

    It wouldn’t be EvE if they weren’t nerfing something that someone found a way to enjoy.

    December 24, 2019 at 11:19 PM
  • TrangOul

    So 2020 if you are a Nullsec Miner/PvEers are like F*uK you CCP and PvPers are like thanks for all the changes. CCP has boosted the reward for doing PVP and nerf the miners and PVE in the game. So to be a miner/PVE in EVE has way more risk’s now than ever before and it has been nerfed to the level that you question your self is it any worth doing it (Risk <= Reward) balance has been turned to the level that it is more risk and no point doing it. I mean that you do not enjoy doing that stuff anymore and you quit the game. Is this what CCP wants? It looks like that. Only thing they worry is that PVPers has "content" of killing miners and PVEers to the point that they quit this game. I am ok with this so it might be the best unsub all the 20 accounts and Win EVE 😀

    December 27, 2019 at 2:49 PM
  • Garreth Vlox

    “Without any confirmation from CCP, and no mention in any patch notes that had been issued, players were left speculating as to whether this was a bug or a feature, and what the exact changes were” It seems the “Chaos Era” has not ended, thank fuck I canceled my subs when this bullshit got unbearable back at the end of blackout.

    January 11, 2020 at 5:21 AM
  • James Hollywood

    [Introduction 2008]
    Original Rorqual: Camp outside POS. Boost. Logoff.
    [Introduction Nov 2016]
    CCP: This mechanic is not creating content and no good. Let’s do on grid boosts. We’ll make it mine 10 times more than a hulk to make up for the additional risk of having a ship on grid.
    Industrial Players: Okay… it’s still a bad idea but if it does what you promise, it would be worth it.
    PVP Players: *Giddy* Content!
    CCP: Update! 10 times more ore is no good. People are making money.
    ALL Players: Yeah it’s a little broken. Too OP
    CCP: Update! Asteroid anoms shouldn’t instantly respawn. Let’s put timers on all the things.
    Industrial players: wtf?
    PVP Players: What’s an asteroid… timer?
    CCP: Update! 5 times more ore than a hulk is no good. People are making money.
    Industrial Players: Now hold on, they cost 12 billion isk and can’t fucking move…
    PVP Players: Seems legit. We don’t make money.
    CCP: Update! Mining drones are too fast. New maximum mining is 2.5x more than a hulk. This is great.
    Industrial Players: Now hold on a GD second here. We want our off grid boosts back. This is stupid low return for the investment.
    PVP Players: You need more rorqs, that’s all. CONTENTS!
    CCP: Update! People are still making money. So we removed the asteroids from the game. Now you can just go kill yourself.
    PVP Players: Sounds ok
    Industrial players: So what do we do?
    CCP: Now we aren’t even going to tell you what we do.
    Players: So… Star Citizen everyone? BYEEEEE
    CCP: Where are our players? What happened? You mean PVP players don’t sub 20 accounts simultaneously? What is happening?
    PVP Players: Content, where did you go? Why? Salt?

    January 19, 2020 at 1:20 AM