14 Eve Online

The Razor’s Edge: 2016 Review

David Matterall 2016-12-31

The Razor’s Edge is a column written from the precarious middle between the forever warring powers, BOB and GOONS (modern day Northern Coalition and The Imperium). This year a third side to the rivalry opened when the Casino bankers of…

198 Eve Online

NETC Super Pilots move to Reikoku

Rhivre 2016-12-25

Yesterday an article was submitted by a reader which had a line in it that caught my interest.  The line was  “Perhaps an observer more suited will analyse and dissect the intertwined relationships between the above-named corporation and the supposedly free…

68 Editorial

On The CO2 War: A Tribute Left Behind

Moomin Amatin 2016-12-17

The TL;DR of the “Backstabber’s Brawl” How the Tribute war started seems to be settling with GigX, the leader of Co2, simply being GigX. Not well known for his ability to play nicely with others seems to have riled NC…

22 Eve Online

New Eden Trading Company

Rhivre 2016-11-28

We have previously written about the New Eden Trade Network when it was first announced back in October.  The project has now moved forward enough that C4w3 was able to make an announcement on Reddit on November 21 for the official…