Inner Hell

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Inner Hell’s Hole Control Mastery Equals N0MEX Keepstar Kill

Robert Miller 2019-09-22

Early Saturday, September 21, Anomalous Existence [N0MEX] lost its Keepstar in J150869, a C2 wormhole they’ve called home since early 2013. The loss cost the corp and its alliance Spatial Instability [SPIN] an estimated 500b ISK, which included subcaps, caps…

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Inner Hell Destroys The Mighty Beans in J165940

General Thade 2019-08-26

On August 26 in J165940 a massive battle took place over the final timer of a faction Fortizar owned by The Mighty Beans. The attackers, Inner Hell, have recently evicted multiple C5 PvP corps and started evicting the defenders, The…

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Hard Knocks Inc. Draining The Swamp – First WH Keepstar Kill

Macky Avelli 2017-07-15

Hard Knocks Inc. showed a glimpse of their wormhole dominance this weekend, as they obtained the first Keepstar killmail inside of a wormhole. Inner Hell  must’ve been proud when they got their Keepstar anchored in J1350331, a C6 Magnetar Wormhole….