Horde Partisans

11 Eve Online

Pandemic Horde Announces Move out of Geminate and Perimeter, Shifts Focus to Branch

Savvy Kneel 2018-10-16

On the heels of the recent Pandemic Horde (PH) Partisans’ fireside in which SIG leader alphastarpilot announced a shift in PH’s focus to Branch, Horde has now made it official. The entire alliance is deploying to Branch and advising all pilots…

6 Eve Online

Horde Partisans’ Fireside: Making Sort Dragon Cry

Quendan 2018-10-14

During a fireside chat with Horde’s Partisans SIG, alphastarpilot announced that Partisans will deploy to PF-QHK in Venal to harass GOTG denizens in Branch. This announcement comes shortly after Goonswarm declared war against Horde’s ISK faucet in Perimeter. Horde Partisans…