Game Changes

22 Editorial

CCP’s Lore Team Takes Lead on Teasing Mechanics Changes

Rhivre 2019-07-26

A lore post was released July 26 titled DED AND AEGIS LEADERSHIP PROPOSE NEW EDEN DEFENSE FUND AT INNER CIRCLE WAR COUNCIL. You may be wondering why an in-character lore post is particularly of interest. Some background Since the Invasion expansion,…

13 Devblog

Devblog: Capital Changes Coming Soon

mistwarden 2019-03-14

In the afternoon of March 13, CCP Falcon tweeted that he’s currently working on the mother of all balance dev blogs, and stated that it’s going to be an interested second half to the week. He was not wrong. This…

31 Eve Online

The Outrage Over Jump Gates

kcolor 2018-10-28

“I hate the direction Eve is going, I miss the good old days when capitals and supercaps didn’t blob everything and counter subcaps completely.” This is a complaint I keep seeing on Reddit. My response is: “What game were you…

14 Editorial

Game Mechanics, And The Often Unheard Of Voices Of Smaller Entities

Dracos Rhaghar 2017-06-21

There has been a lot of uproar and complaining over the last month. Much of it has been people from major bloc entities arguing over CCP’s proposed fighter and fighter bomber changes. In the process, a lot of players have lost…