1 Eve Online

Evesterdam 2019: A Retrospective

Dirk Stetille 2019-03-28

So, Evesterdam 2019 has come and gone, and what a fantastic time it was too. More than 350 players and developers all got together in Amsterdam to eat, drink (or smoke), discuss EVE Online, and just generally have a great…

5 Eve Online

EVEsterdam: Updates and Announcements

Erick Asmock 2019-03-28

This year’s EVE Invasion¬†World Tour kicked off this weekend with¬†EVEsterdam. It opened with a keynote that was best characterized as subdued. Part of that, no doubt, stemmed from this being the final public event for CCP Guard. We were, however,…

4 Eve Online

Evesterdam – Brief Retrospective

Rhivre 2017-11-06

This last weekend, hundreds of eve players descended on Amsterdam for the 5th annual EVEsterdam event, organised by Diedra Vaal. As I have just said farewell to the last stragglers at the airport and boarded my flight home, it seemed…