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Dual Downtime Extensions

Robert Miller 2020-06-23

CCP announced June 23 that back-to-back downtimes will be extended to “perform a range of database testing.” Downtime will be extended on Wednesday, June 24, and Thursday, June 25. The extension will likely add up to 30 minutes to each…

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Extended Downtime May 8th

Calyle Morrison 2020-05-07

CCP Dopamine announced an extended downtime for May 8 in his latest forum post. The extension is expected to last up to four hours. Dopamine stated that this was necessary for “implementing some upgrades to further harden the cluster against attack”…

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Tranquility Down: No ETA On Return

Arrendis 2015-07-15

When Tranquility shut down for daily downtime on July 15th, everyone assumed it would be a normal, short downtime, followed by the continuation of the new FozzieSov activities we’ve all come to know and love. Unfortunately… not so much. In a statement released…