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Imperium operatives abscond with GotG Keepstar, Fortizars

Hopeful Turtle 2018-04-19

Header art by Empanada   According to an announcement at 1805 on April 19 by Asher Elias, a major theft from the Guardians of the Galaxy coalition has been carried out by Imperium operatives. Assets stolen include 1 Keepstar and…

14 Eve Online

Burned Bridges: An Interview with Cpt Patrick Archer

JuriusDoctor 2017-12-18

In an apparent defection, Cpt Patrick Archer recently left Triumvirate <TRI> and Quam Singulari [QUAM], the corporation of which he was a founding member, for Northern Coalition<NC>. In a Pastebin posted to Reddit, Archer explains the reasons for his departure and how it…