Cloud Ring

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Is Test Next Yet?

Adreland Deninard 2021-12-08

Since the beginning of Beeitnam, the Imperium’s response remained absolute and unchanging. We will not surrender. Good luck with fighting us with overwhelming odds, and TEST is NEXT. This represented an enormous change in long standing Imperium policy, which aimed at punishing former…

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FCs Speak about Defense of Imperium Keepstar in Cloud Ring

Savvy Kneel 2018-07-14

Wednesday night saw one of the most significant sorties in New Eden’s recent days, as the Imperium established its first major beachhead in the new war in the North. INN reported from the scene as the Imperium’s newest Keepstar was…

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Burning Ring of Fire: Goon Reprisals Destroy Billions, Flip Sov in Cloud Ring

Macky Avelli 2018-01-10

CLOUD RING – Prelle Constellation: Sudden and unexpected fighting has broken out in the historically peaceful region of Cloud Ring. The bloodshed has consumed billions of ISK in resources, and seen control of multiple systems contested. Two systems, MJYW-3 and…

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Horde Hotdrops The Imperium and Initiative Over Tower

Vulxanis Viceroy 2017-02-22

Pandemic Horde baited Goonswarm and The Initiative. into a capital brawl over a tower belonging to the Fweddit of the Initiative. The battle lasted from roughly between 03:00-04:30 EVE time in the system of F7C-H0 of Cloud Ring. According to the battle report,…

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Brave Announces Move to Catch

Jack 2017-02-12

Things have certainly been wild for Brave Collective over the past three months. Only three months into their invasion of Cloud Ring, Brave Collective have announced they will be exiting the region, their leadership stating: “living in Cloud Ring under…

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A Rapid Descent Into Disorder

Sister Bliss 2016-12-11

“Supers on field, supers on field!” The words resounded, and like a battle cry they echoed through the Mumble channel. A cyno was lit and the titan pilot activated the jump portal array; the Machariel fleet leaping through space into…

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Submission 2016-02-23

“Let’s get us some payback and unleash vicious new tactics on SpaceMonkeys!” – Gobbins, leader of Pandemic Horde The Incursion On February 18th, Pandemic Horde received orders to deploy and lay waste to SpaceMonkey’s Alliance’s sovereignty. The plan was clearly…