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Project Discovery Study Published

Rhiannon Williams 2018-09-12

A new study, published in the September issue of Nature Biotechnology—the researchers who employed Eve Online players as citizen scientists—has helped boost the AI system used for predicting protein localization on a subcellular level. The comparison between players’ observations with those…

9 Eve Online

Summer Update Roll-Out Goes Smoothly; Project Discovery Being Tweaked

Arrendis 2017-07-11

The 2017 Summer Update has been deployed, and so far, so good. The days of CCP’s updates and expansions invariably containing bugs, errors, and secret commands to accidentally erase your boot.ini file are long past. The update’s main features are…

4 Eve Online

Eve Online Players to Help Search for Exoplanets

Rhiannon Williams 2017-02-23

After today’s exciting announcement by NASA regarding new exoplanets that may be capable of hosting life (I’ll be going to that in a bit more depth very soon), CCP announced today, a new addition to its Citizen Science Programme, which…