Streamfleet Invitational Back On (ish)


The Streamfleet Invitational Tournament is now back on, with an altered format. Last week, there was an announcement from Streamfleet that due to technical issues (CCP’s tournament tool not functioning), the tournament was being postponed.  In the intervening period, CCP have managed to restore most functionality to that tool. Unfortunately, the tournament will not be livestreamed as originally planned due to some ongoing technical limitations, but matches will be recorded with commentary and analysis added after the fact, for release at a point in the next few weeks.

The tournament matches will be run on the April 27, with the semi-final and final provisionally planned for May 11. Further details of the event, and the recordings, will be provided as they become available.

The full announcement from Streamfleet can be found here. We at INN wish them the best of luck for the tournament, and especially good luck to the team captained by our very own Dirk Stetille!


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