Stellaris: Utopia Anounced


Paradox Interactive have provided the world with the first look at the complete feature set for Stellaris’s first major expansion, Utopia. Paired with the version 1.5 Banks update, Utopia adds new items to the bag of empire-building tricks available to spread your species across the stars.

The video above is from the point of view on a planet who’s star is being encased in a Dyson Sphere. These are one of several Mega Structures that are becoming capstone construction projects as well as major boost to various types of income. Other options for colonizing will also be possible with the introduction of Habitat Stations. These orbital structures can house units of population, enabling even hemmed in empires to continue to grow without having to resort to conquest.

Ways to expand your empire are not just limited to building structures among the stars. With Utopia comes new mechanics for managing the people of your empire. From perks the help your spread across the cosmos to immigration reforms and species-specific rights, more options are available to chose from.
Utopia will bring with it various improvements under version 1.5. Unfortunately there is no release date mentioned in the announcement. Paradox’s announcement page is here, with a forum discussion thread here. Handy links to all the Developer Diaries for both the Banks Update and Utopia can be found here.

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  • BuckStrider

    This game keeps your interest in the early game, but once you hit the mid/late game it’s total shit. War victory conditions are still flawed. Diplomacy and Alliances are still laughable. Sector control has got somewhat better, but is still broken. Needs more ship types….If you want to play a 4x that is going ‘above and beyond’ to make itself better then go pick up Gal Civ III. They even have a major expansion coming out this spring.

    February 5, 2017 at 6:27 PM
  • Ian Shapin (Erun Talan)

    The Space Empires series from Malfador Machinations will always hold the top spot in 4X strategy games for me. Super in depth and great flexibility in modding.

    February 6, 2017 at 6:56 AM