State of the Goonion – Live


The 2017 State of The Goonion address by The Mittani is being made at the moment over on INN Twitch.

We will update you with key details as they come in.

Dodkalm is playing the Soviet national anthem while we wait for the speech to begin.

Mittens is now speaking:

Thank you for coming, it has been a long while since we had a State of the Goonion. Unlike speeches past, we are deploying and not immediately going into combat. There will be a Q&A after this as we get our shit together and start heading north. I would like to thank all of you for coming at such notice on a Weds. We normally do this on the weekend, but we are going into a dirty war

For more than a decade now, our people have been hunted, we are hunted because we are different. We are hunted because we do not belong. Most of all, we have been hunted because we will not obey.  We are not like the rest of the galaxy. We refuse to play this game by the rules of our enemies. We refuse to conform to their demands and their hypocrisies. We believe in merit, we believe in talent, we embrace our newbies and treat them as brothers and sisters, because they are. We do not spit on our young. We do not dismiss our newbies to live as second class citizens in a segregated alliance, keeping the best for our so called elite. We do not think of ourselves as better people simply because we happen to own a Titan.

For more than a decade, our enemies, the elite, those who look down on new players, the cheaters with Casino money, and their dev spawned BPOs have engaged in dirty wars against us. They have leveraged their illicit resources to interfere with us. Whenever we deploy, they deploy near us, hiding in lowsec, disrupting our plans, and, getting away with it. They have gotten away with it because of their dark money. They have gotten away with it because their organisations hold the new players in contempt and allow only the best of the best to join their ranks. They have gotten away with it because we have refused to play their game to catch up to them, but now, things have changed.  

Now, we, are the ones with the largest capital fleet in the game. Now, other alliances who embrace their newbies have grown up and begun to build their own capital fleets. Now it is time for us to hunt those who once hunted us.


There are two wars taking place in Eve Online right now. One is a conflict between MC and our allies The Initiative in Syndicate. This has been supported by NC. staging out of Vey.

Another is a conflict between TEST alliance and Darkness. With TEST assaulting Darkness and their allies in Venal, and Pandemic Legion and their second-class citizens, Pandemic Horde, supporting Darkness, lead by Sort Dragon.

Today, we strike north. We will strike between these conflicts.  We will be targetting a place which will force our enemies to choose. They can choose to support one of these wars or the other. No matter what, one of these fronts will fall. We will do this from a staging system in lowsec. We will do this with mass capitals. We will do this to our enemies in exactly the same way they have done to use for the past ten years. But now, it will be us, wreaking havoc from a position of invulnerability. Not just sov, not just citadels, not just R64s, and not just their capital yards.

Everything will burn.  So now, we convoy north. Destination will remain a secret until we get closer to the target. We have watched a lot of speculation amongst our foes, and surprisingly enough they still havent seemed to figure it out. So we wont tell them. You will all know soon enough when we get to the destination. This will be a dirty war. A new type of war for GSF. Some of our allies may have experience with it already, but for us it will be new. We will be experimenting with a number of new tactics. 

Instead of the so-called elite and their servitors, working by a hot war, and interfering with our plans, we will be the ones wreaking havoc on them.  We will use our capitals to ruin the foe. We will be using our citadels to ruin the foe. And, we will be using our vast wealth to ruin the foe. 

We will take everything that this enemy has spent more than a decade trying to prevent GSF from achieving, and use this blood and treasure to bring about, at long last, justice.

Now, the hurfing of the blurfs is concluded, and we are going to go into some more details and some Q&A. 

So, couple of things here. As an example, the person who just lost a shitload of Rorquals and a hel ratting in a SOTG or mining during a SOTG, dont use your capitals like an idiot when we are not in Delve.

We expect to be gone for about a month.

Also one of the first things we expect to be doing once we hit the destination is reactivating the Fremen project. Now, for those of you who participated in the Casino war, the Fremen were solo sov hackers. We are not going to be taking a region and owning a region. However ,we are going to be using the genious level game design that CCP Fozzie gifted us with to wreak as much misery as possible on our targets. There are lot of low ADM systems, and what the fremen do is we point you at a range of targets, and individuals can create sov timers for our foes in a concentrated area.  So expect that

We are going to be gone for a month, possibly longer, depending on how it goes. The first day is us moving to the target zone. I had to change my speech at the last minute. I was going to hurf lots of blurfs about a specific enemy, but it turns out the bad guys still dont seem to know where we are going. So I had to strip all that out.

I do assure you that everyone we are going to be hitting in this conflict was directly involved in the casino war, and that there will be vengence, and that they are assholes.

One of the things that I want people to be used to going into this ,that is different from our past policy, is that we are moving our caps, we are leaving behind our supercapitals to defend delve. However, the intention is to leverage the economic advantage we have built up in delve to hurt our targets. This means the capital FCs are going to be much more aggressive than usual, and I will be perfectly happy with us expending dreadnoughts to dreadbomb everything that moves.

We are much more wealthy than we were during the casino war, and some of the tactics we are going to be utilising involve simply throwing away citadels and capital ships to hurt our enemies more. Because our foes simply lack the ability to regenerate their isk like we do, as they are no longer allowed to cheat, to RMT or to rely on gambling addiction and dark money, to make up for the fact they are simply not that good at eve when they dont have cheat codes.



If we are lucky, at long last, we can evacuate our trapped supers from 93PI

Q&A Session. Responses are to questions in Jabber.

We are headed north, nobody knows where we are going.

Over the last few days, GSOL have onlined astrahus in a host of lowsec systems. I see reports that various numbers of our enemies believe we are coming after them because they have seen a citadel.

GSOL have been moving things north for the last few weeks in preparation for this.

If you move quickly, not hastily, if we get to the destination in good time, you will be able to see who we are turbofucking in a couple of hours. We have lost a few random idiots during SOTG. I am not going to be all Gigx. We thank them for their sacrifice.

Do not hold up the fleet moving north, if you are stupid, you are expendable.

We are not going to the Drone Regions. We are not going up to TEST. There are fronts in the middle regions of the galaxy. We will fight alongside TEST where possible.

Our enemies since the Casino War have been trying to convince me and Vily to stab each other. I am prepared to extend a strategic olive branch.

Now I have told you that we are strategically aligned, temporarily with TEST, we have been screwed over before, but I believe in forgiveness. There is a high risk from the elite alliances in the games to these alliances with newbies.

Tuzy has a video. It is very good. Watch it.

We are not fighting directly alongside TEST. We are going to middle ground in lowsec, to force our enemies to choose a front. We will kill to earn a living and to help the Congolese.

We are now moving. If we are lucky, combat begins in USTZ.

SOTG ends, let the march north begin!

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  • “If we are lucky, we can evacuate our supers from 93PI” hehe that made me smile ?

    August 2, 2017 at 7:59 PM
  • Parv

    Free the supers

    August 2, 2017 at 10:07 PM
  • Wendall Anderson

    Demons run when Goonswarm goes to war
    Night will fall and drown the sun
    When Goonswarm goes to war

    Friendship dies and true love lies
    Night will fall and the dark will rise
    When Goonswarm goes to war

    Demons run, but count the cost
    The battle’s won, but the child is lost
    When Goonswarm goes to war

    August 2, 2017 at 10:57 PM
  • Pew Pew

    The old alliance tournament gambit. Good luck to you.

    August 2, 2017 at 11:03 PM
  • hurf

    Thats that good stuff, breath of fresh air into a galaxy that was getting pretty stale.

    August 3, 2017 at 12:56 AM
  • Izi Ningishzidda

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh helllll warrrrrr

    August 3, 2017 at 5:21 AM
  • xearal

    Hellmarch, still one of the most awesome tunes ever made for a game. RA2 had sooo many good stuffs in it.

    I believe this would also be an appropriate RA2 message.
    ( from the Goonswarm base )

    Kirov Reportink

    Kirov Reportink

    Kirov Reportink

    Kirov Reportink

    Kirov Reportink

    Kirov Reportink
    Kirov Reportink
    Kirov Reportink
    Kirov Reportink
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  • Rhivre

    I will dig out the mixcloud and add it in 🙂

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  • Whoever did the SOTG graphic, that’s some nice work right there.

    August 3, 2017 at 3:28 PM
    • That was Mintaki, and, yep, it is nice work

      August 3, 2017 at 3:54 PM
  • phuzz

    Gotta admit it, Mittens is good at speeches.

    August 3, 2017 at 4:25 PM
  • Jesse Low

    Does anyone know the low sec staging system?

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