Spoopy Newbies Kill the Police!


Art by Major Sniper

Spoopy Newbies laid down the law on the Wormhole Police at a recent graduation ceremony. A great show by BRAVE and a few others capped off another hilarious graduation ceremony from J-Space’s favourite role playing group, The Wormhole Police. All Officers and Deputies were killed along with a few others as the “Kill the Police” event met its conclusion in J105711.

Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock then you would have heard of The Wormhole Police, founded by the eccentric Vinnegar Douche. What started as an ex-Wingspan pilot posting videos of his exploits “catching goddamn criminals” hacking relic sites has sprung into a full-blown RP alliance.

Every few months, capsuleers from the training corporation: The Blood Raiders Children’s Charity graduate from Deputy to Officer, these events are marked with a ceremony that up until now has always been a T1 exploration frigate Free-For-All. Graduates are awarded their badge, a fully fit Pacifier with police SKIN and their uniform (as seen below).

Kill the Police!

Vinne’s latest idea was to offer up the chance to catch and kill the whole squad live on Twitch. All officers would be flying somewhere in J-Space in their standard police Astero (including their own breed of Hobgoblin police dogs) with public bookmarks so they are easy to find. Spoopy Newbies answered the call.

The first fight involved the police’s 13 Asteros taking on the Stratios’ & Svipul of Spoopy Newbies with one officer falling in exchange for two from BRAVE. BRAVE disappeared for a while and the sound of wormhole splashes saw the arrival of a few other ships. A Hecate and a Cynabal both shadowed the fleet not making their intensions clear. Would they fight the police or protect them?

BRAVE Returns in Force

However, the fight was not over! Spoopy Newbies reshipped to rapid light Corax with a Hurricane. The Asteros descended on them in a swarm of drones, the Hecate joining the police and the Cynabal shooting them. As the Hurricane fell another Stratios warped in. It was at this point the police started dropping, with only two remaining the final Stratios fell. The last officer in the field, Deltacharlie managed to take a final Corax with him but with his death the police were done.

Over in less than an hour the event was enjoyed by all who took part. Lama Wreck, Spoopy Newbies who lost a Svipul & a Corax said “I just subscribed to their Youtube channel and shared it to corp and off we went…super fun and chaotic, all that we love in wormhole space!”

Commenting on another successful event, Vinnegar Douche told INN “I’m still in shock at how well it went, a special thank you to Spoopy from BRAVE. You’re awesome. Also, don’t be criming away in wormhole space you dirty crooks the police are out there and we’ll get ya every chance we get! Every chance!”

Congratulations to the four new Wormhole Police Officers and we look forward to seeing more arrests in the future.

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  • Voynich

    Hum. I never knew, about Police or Spoopy’s. Vinnegar Douche.? I mean I have heard about it ,, just not in EvE. I will have to do some more research on this. Thanks for sharing this. Love the articles here. A link to the video mentioned would be a nice edition to the post.

    February 11, 2021 at 5:17 PM