Skill Urself Disbands


Header art by Major Sniper.

Just before DT on June 16, Skill Urself <INGME>, commonly referred to as ‘SkillU’, disbanded their alliance. This caused the destruction of all the TCUs they owned. As a result, a total of 259 systems now no longer have TCUs. The Ihubs of these systems look to be managed by other alliances, so the critical sov indexes will remain intact. But Who was SkillU?

If I had to describe SkillU, I would say they are a modern-day elite small gang PVP group who excelled in hit and run tactics. Often, they dropped their signature ship—the Revenant—on unprepared targets and killed them before their victims had a chance to respond. They were a feared group with high standards and skill requirements to join, which reflected on their performance in the field.

The Revenant was the first ever faction super-capital. To date, Zkillboard shows only 23 to have been killed. This is less than 38 Keepstars that have been destroyed. Out of all the Revenant losses, none have been lost by SkillU.

Capqu, a member of SkillU leadership posted on Reddit their goodbye video. It’s a 20 min highlight of some of their most impressive drops and kills. Hunters and hunted alike could learn from them, as they demonstrated how they trap and kill their prey.

Their might on the battlefield was only matched by their honour to standings. During the sacking of the spire, they held blue standings to the unspoken alliance, group operations around the spire area hitting BOT targets. During the battle for the Sotiyo in JL-ZUQ, they were on the grid with unspoken but honoured standings and allowed unspoken to kill the structures, while fighting off imperial ships that entered the grid. During the entosising and widespread reinforcement of structures in the spire, we tred carefully to make sure not to hit structured owned by Skillu as we preferred to not draw their attention. They were what any group in EVE wanted to be: respected and feared.

What will happen to the members of SkillU, and their rental space remains to be seen. With large numbers of players being uprooted by the war in the north, we could see players settling in to spaced formerly owned by SkillU. Only time will tell.

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  • Moomin Amatin

    Over 600 ex-SkillU members have already joined Fraternity. Fraternity have also picked up almost 100 systems. This is a continued play, in my opinion, by PanFam to influence Fraternity.

    The remaining systems from SkillU will be picked up by the likes of Triumvirate, SLYCE or other proxy agents of PanFam. It is very likely the space dropped by SkillU will not be developed by PanFam until The Imperium has finished their campaign in the north.

    This is all interesting stuff though as it means that Fraternity now have a chance to stabilise in the south. It will be interesting to see if they can negotiate a peace with Legacy and more importantly what that deal may look like.

    A lot more can be said on this and I am sure that in time it will develop quite interestingly.

    June 18, 2019 at 3:27 AM
    • Garreth Vlox Moomin Amatin

      I just want to know who winds up being the new panfam controller, Frat or Horde. It sure won’t be NC or PL after they just walked away from getting rolled in their “home space” Horde has the numbers but Frat seems to be much more soundly constructed to actually lead a coalition based on them seeming to understand the concept of Opsec which horde ignores in favor of mass numbers of members.

      June 18, 2019 at 7:13 AM
      • Moomin Amatin Garreth Vlox

        I think that it is more complicated than that. But you are definitely onto something as far as I am concerned.

        June 18, 2019 at 2:53 PM
  • Havish Montak

    Only 600 joined Frat. Where are their Krab alts?

    June 19, 2019 at 7:51 AM