Skill Trading Coming in February


“I’m sure you want to know about pricing for Extractors…”

On January 18, CCP Rise wrote a new dev blog covering the finer details of the skillpoint trading feature that will arrive in the February patch. The recent post was a follow-on to the October 15 dev blog that laid out the initial ideas for skill point trading in New Eden. The details from the recent dev blog are basically the same as the first dev blog, but some adjustments have been made to accommodate high skillpoint players. Here are some of the basics and highlights of the changes.

To Use Skill Points

  • A skill injector item is required: a ‘Transneural Skill Packet (TSP)’
  • Players can then sell their TSP on the EVE market for ISK, just like any other item
  • Once bought, it can be activated from the hangar
  • The item will be consumed, and the skillpoints will be added to the unallocated pool

How Many Skillpoints Do I Get Per TSP?

The injector items will give a different amount of skillpoints depending on what your character’s skillpoint total is when you use the item, according to the following scale:

< 5 million total skillpoints = 500,000 skillpoints per injector
5 million – 50 million total skillpoints = 400,000 skillpoints per injector
50 million – 80 million total skillpoints = 300,000 skillpoints per injector (Changed from 200,0000)
> 80 million skillpoints = 150,000 skillpoints per injector (Changed from 50,000)

CCP Rise stated that there will be some improvements to the user interface for allocating skillpoints, and that a screenshot will soon be made available.

What If I Want To Sell SP?

  • You must have a minimum of 5 million skillpoints
  • A skill extractor, called a ‘Transneural Skill Extractor (TSE)’, is used
  • The TSE is available in the New Eden Store for AUR, or it can be bought on the EVE market from other players
  • Activate the TSE, and the skillpoint extraction window will appear. (Note: It is still a work in progress)

“You mark skills for extraction until there are 500,000 skillpoints worth marked. Once you’re happy with the skills you have chosen, you hit Accept. Now you will have a Skill Injector in your item hangar and the Skill Extractor you used will be gone, along with the 500,000 skillpoints.”

The Cost

The question on everyone’s minds! CCP Rise stated, “Player driven economies are key to EVE design and we want you to decide the value of traded skillpoints…” With this said, as this entire process requires players to use real currency to buy the AUR to buy the TSE, these items will be pretty pricey in-game. Could they reach the ISK levels of the Multiple Character Training Certificate? How much AUR will these TSEs cost?

CCP Rise is playing it pretty close to the chest, but once an AUR value is known, it will be easy to work out the ISK value of TSEs, and the skillpoint packets that follow. The final cost of TSEs will be announced “a little closer to release time.”

This article originally appeared on, written by Lemba.

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