Sixteen Years of Eve Online


Another year older, and another year wiser. EVE Online is hitting sixteen years old. To celebrate the many achievements and stories players have forged over the years, CCP is planning 16 gifts for players between May 2 and May 20. Both Alphas and Omegas are set to receive gifts, and if an Alpha upgrades during that period, they will retroactively receive all Omega rewards.

Gifts range from a new range of celebratory skins to new trinkets, faction ammunition, fresh apparel, and even an all new ‘silver monocle’, topped off with brand-new and exclusive Permaband SKINs. This is further accentuated by the largest skill point offering ever handed out by CCP, with more than one million skillpoints available for Omega accounts that login over the full 16 days. It should be noted, however, that the 16 days don’t have to be consecutive – 16 logins from downtime on May 2 to downtime on May 20 will count towards the rewards.

As it is, most items available through this giveaway can currently be viewed on the test server, including the fantastic new Permaband SKINs for the Sabre and the Rokh.

Speaking of the test server, CCP is planning another mass test on the Singularity server to help with development of the new 64-bit client for EVE. The aim of this test is to evaluate the multiple performance aspects of the new client, in an effort to provide the best experience possible when the 64-bit client releases in August. CCP has stressed that they are looking for as many player participants as possible to help shape the future of the 64-bit client. The test will start at 17:00 UTC on May 7, and all participants will receive the usual two million SP injection for participating characters on the Singularity test server.

If you need information about connecting to Singularity, please click here, while general information about the mass test can be found here.

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