The Scope – Fate of Hilen Tukoss Confirmed


CCP have released a new Scope video detailing the fate of Hilen Tukoss, the capsuleer which we saw making an emergency broadcast warning of a large drifter fleet in this previous Scope video.


The video begins by talking about the opening up of the new unidentified wormholes which were added in as part of the Carnyx patch, these wormholes are most notable for containing hive like structures, which are surrounded by sleeper structures filled with bodies, as seen in Hilen Tukoss’s original emergency broadcast. It appears to be the case that the drifters built these hive like structures in an attempt to harvest the sleeper corpses contained within the enclaves.

One of these wormholes also contained the location seen in Hilen Tukoss’s broadcast, where the capsuleer Lucas Raholan also found the body of Tukoss floating in the wormhole J174618, presumably meaning that he was attacked and destroyed by the drifter fleet seen in his broadcast, why no attempts were made to harvest his specific corpse currently remain unknown. It’s also interesting to note that Tukoss is (perhaps at this stage was) a capsuleer, and should have reawakened at a station with a new clone if one was available however it has yet to be confirmed if he is still alive.

Another point of note about these wormholes is that the large drifter fleet seen in Tukoss’s broadcast is nowhere to be found within these wormholes, where they have gone is yet to be discovered but it can be assumed that this factors further into the large increase in drifter aggression which we’ve seen recently, perhaps indicating preparations for an all out invasion of k-space.

This article originally appeared on, written by Worldshatter.

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