Repercussus Loses Leviathan and Capitals in J5A-IX



The Stage

On February 10 at 04:19 EVE time, in the Fountain system of J5A-IX, Repercussus (-R.P-) capital ships fell to overwhelming gunfire from TISHU, PL, and T-C. During the engagement, -R.P- also lost a 107.3B ISK Leviathan belonging to Aiyashia Morgan.

TISHU – RP Levi Kill – “The Dictor Holocaust”

The Fleets and The Waves of Dictors

Repercussus, presumably conducting a convoy operation to their new home, jumped three titans, one supercarrier, four dreadnoughts, and eight carriers through the J5A-IX stargate in B-D.

Before -R.P- moved their supercapitals through the gate, members of the attacking fleet questioned whether or not they would actually go through J5A:

“They won’t take the J5A gate, they can’t be that stupid”

“They will, they’ll totally do it. I bet you they underestimate The-Culture’s tackle and take the J5A gate”

“Yeah, I guess… I mean the other route is like six extra cynos and they’re probably dumb enough.”

“We’ll send dictors on the off-chance and see if we can keep a route open”

~ 48hrs later


“My God, they did it lmao”

Anxious to hold the -R.P- fleet down, TISHU, PL, and T-C sent wave after wave of interdictors, bubbling and dying, bubbling and dying. Zkillboard shows at least 109 interdictors and four heavy interdictors were sacrificed during the fight. According to the battle report, the combined TISHU/PL/T-C fleet fielded four titans, nineteen supercarriers, and twenty-two dreadnoughts with support from Sleipnir and Rattlesnake fleets. After destroying capital ships stuck in bubbles, the attacking fleets began focusing on the Leviathan, and just as he hit armor, a doomsday device screamed across space from Opus Congelatio’s Erebus. The DD sealed the titan’s fate, instantly killing him after dealing over 702,000 damage.

The Cost

TISHU, PL, and T-C threw just over 7.1B ISK in dictors at the Leviathan to hold it down and lost another 4.4B ISK during the fight. Discounting subcaps, -R.P- lost four more capitals during the fight including Thedaius’s Naglfar worth an estimated 5.4B ISK. Repercussus lost a total of 124B ISK during the attack.

TMC has reached out to Lex Arson and other members involved and will update the article as their comments come in.

This article originally appeared on, written by Lemba.

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