Reminder – Structures Changes Coming On February 13!


On the February 13, the 2.0 citadel update will come into force on the TQ server. The biggest impact will be the change to reinforcement timer. Changes can be made by a player with station manager, director or CEO role within the structure browser.

If no changes are set prior to release, a default reinforcement day and time of Saturday 18:00 eve time will be set. any changes made will take seven days to come into force.

After the update has been released, any Upwell structure that doesn’t have any online services will be set to low power, this means that they will have reduced shield as well as skipping the armour timer altogether. To ensure that your structure is set to full power, make sure to have at least one service online before downtime on Tuesday, February 13.

Changes are being made to the taxation of asset safety, including moving items between structures within the same system. Please note: retrieving items from asset safety after release will always incur a charge, even if moved within the same system. This also applies to items placed into asset safety before this release. We, therefore, urge you to deliver all asset safety items before Tuesday, February 13 1100 UTC to avoid any unexpected tolls.

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  • xearal

    Order your popcorn now!
    And lets see homany people mess it up, and howmany toys get to start exploding.

    February 12, 2018 at 10:40 PM