#REKKINGCREW Ambushed by Snuffed Out in Hothomouh

Sven_Tekitsu 2017-01-02

The region of Derelik has accrued a reputation as a supercapital graveyard, home to the infamous “REKKINGCREW” of RoCkEt X, a local coalition dedicated to supercapital hunting. As Derelik is for the most part a quiet region protected from hostile entities by virtue of distance, REKKINGCREW has enjoyed almost complete safety in their hunting. This has lead to a regular flaunting of unsupported Supercarriers and Titans, with a not insignificant number of Revenants making appearances.

This regular exhibition of such expensive assets by REKKINGCREW drew the attention of Snuffed Out, and their crafty leader D0nnieDark0[iii]. Over the course of several weeks, Snuffed Out put together a plan to lure the REKKINGCREW into a trap, with the intention of catching as many of REKKINGCREW’s supercapitals as possible.

Any good trap consists of good bait, and Snuffed Out spared no expense, using an out of alliance Nyx to chum the waiting sharks of REKKINGCREW. To make their bait even more obvious to REKKINGCREW, the Nyx character proceeded to smartbomb its cyno, making a public record of its arrival in Derelik. However, according to sources within Snuffed Out, this failed to garner the attention they had hoped for, and a new plan was put into action.

In the same way that Snuffed Out successfully trapped the Revenant of Tinkerhell in July of 2015, a neutral character was sent to REKKINGCREW to ring the dinner bell. As it was told to REKKINGCREW, a member of the neighboring Curatores Veritatis Alliance had unfortunately lost his Nyx to a thief that had moved the supercarrier to the system of Hothomouh. As a member of Snuffed Out related, REKKINGCREW attempted to assemble their own trap for this thief, sending out Snuffed Out’s neutral character to attempt to lure out the Nyx thief by attacking the POS that it was held in.

With REKKINGCREW having noticed their bait, Snuffed Out quickly moved a Dreadnought fleet into range of Hothomouh, bringing with them a substantial amount of Heavy Interdictors to hold the expected REKKINGCREW supercapitals. As Snuffed Out arrived in the last midpoint, the bait Nyx logged in, and proceeded to move out of the safety of the POS. REKKINGCREW immediately jumped on the bait, and the bait Nyx lit a cyno, bringing in the Snuffed Out capital fleet. With only a few Force Auxiliaries for support, the REKKINGCREW fleet was destroyed in short order. A complete battle report can be found here.

In a public statement delivered by RoCkEt X after the incident, the leader of REKKINGCREW condemned Snuffed Out’s actions as an Awox:

“A character in our fleet, working with us fucked us over. Its an awox no matter how you try and polish it… Rekkingcrew is not a single corp/alliance so it isn’t relevant what corp the character was in. He was in our fleet, so for that op, he’s one of us.

Furthermore, rekkingcrew has never awox’d a target in its history. The only one that even comes close is /Gucci_Ormand and his Hel, which we killed at the request of his CEO (the corp is one of our allies). Its not our style and i don’t agree with it my self.

The whole SpeedWeed incident was done before rekkinglegion split in half, Penif took his guys and formed a second PL hunting group which cut ties with me and my guys because of internal drama. That group is happy to awox/use blue toons etc, but rekkingcrew does not.

I don’t deny that we got beaten here, but to isinuate that we died to hubris when the reality is it would never have happened without the dude who awox’d us. Given the information i was had at the time, it was a safe kill, and didn’t warrant further research to facilitate the kill (i had been told a cva dude needed help to kill someone who stole his nyx, i had no idea that nobody checked the guy). The situation arose essentially because we had already scouted the Nyx and were just sitting on until testco moves out in the new year.“

Snuffed Out has maintained that their trap was never anything more than neutral characters combined with a well placed Nyx, calling any accusations of an awox as illegitimate. Regardless of such rhetoric on either side, the aftermath yielded a complete sweep for Snuffed Out, with REKKINGCREW taking 327.5 billion ISK in damages, mostly from the Revenant of Buho and the Officer studded Nyx of Middi M, which is the most expensive Nyx to die in at least two years.

Compounding upon their losses in Snuffed Out’s trap, REKKINGCREW has since lost two additional Aeons to an unrelated fight with Providence Bloc, making the last days of 2016 the most damaging in the group’s history. Having already suffered a split in their member-base earlier this year, the future for REKKINGCREW is anything but certain.

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  • Ryan

    Thanks for the submission! It’s always interesting hearing about Revenants and other rare ships going down.

    January 2, 2017 at 6:42 am
  • MacCloud

    Damn!! least this shows no one is infallible! RIP wreckingcrew


    January 2, 2017 at 1:30 pm